Saturday, September 8, 2007

Feeling a little better

Ok, I'm sorry my previous entry was so dark. I am feeling a little better. I called and talked to a friend (she was my counselor when I went through all of this before) and she reminded me of some truths that I needed to be living in. She also helped me distinguish which parts of what I am going through are flesh and which are attacks from the enemy. This was extremely helpful, because I actually believed it was all flesh and I was beating myself up for living in my flesh.

Just an FYI. It is so important to recognize the voice of Satan. I had somehow forgotten how important. If we think that what we are dealing with is flesh but it is really warfare then it will not be taken care of. You cannot combat them both in the same way. While both do require that you get and keep your focus on the Lord, they also require some other very different things from us. For instance, I must die to my flesh daily, but I must speak the word to the enemy, etc.

Also, a good quote from my friend : Whatever I am focusing on will control me. (If I'm focusing on someone else's faults that will control me, If I'm focusing on good and evil that will control me, If I am focusing on the Lord He will control me, etc.) I hope I explained that well.

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