Friday, July 31, 2009

More Supper

Don't know why I feel the need to post what we are having for supper, but I do, so here goes. Tonight we are going to have grilled chicken (I buy the Tyson frozen boneless skinless breast and thighs from Sams), baby lima beans and baby spring mix salad with tomatoes and bell peppers and homemade Italian dressing. We eat a lot of grilled meats and lots of salads. We also have a meat and veggies much more often than things like soups or casseroles. These kinds of meals are very easy, very inexpensive and very healthy. Can't go wrong.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weigh In #1

The results are in. For weigh in #1 I lost 5.6 lbs. Woo Hoo! I was expecting about half that. Super excited!!!!

Yummy Supper

We are having a super yummy supper tonight. So, I thought I would tell you about it since it smells so good.

We're going to have: Grilled pork loin that I got on sale at Sam's for something like $1.50 lb. I think I spent about $11.00 and got enough for 5 meals for the 5 of us.

Greek style green beans
Whole kernel corn
and Salad for whoever wants it.


Monday, July 27, 2009

WW update

Well, I'm at the end of my first week. I won't actually weigh in again until Thursday evening, but I went to my first meeting last Tuesday. According to the scales at home I have lost some weight. It's hard to tell really though. The scales at the meeting weighed me more than the ones at home. I did weigh at home one afternoon and then a few days later in the morning which isn't very accurate because you should weigh at the same time everyday anyway. I think I may have lost 2 or 3 lbs. this week. I'll know for sure on Thursday. I have no short term goals, so I'm okay with only losing a couple of pounds a week. I just want to see a steady loss. I have doen well with my eating, but haven't done well with my food journaling which is very important. I'm going to have to work more on that in the next couple of weeks. God has as always been faithful to me and this week hasn't been that hard. I've had a few hunger moments and a few cravings, but nothing to hard to deal with. Please keep praying for me. This is going to be a farely long process.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Splurge

This is probably a very silly thing to blog about, but I'm a little excited about it. I have wanted one of those rolling crate things for awhile. It would be supper helpful to have to carry all of my stuff for my co-op classes in and now that we are responsible for the early childhood department at church, it would be helpful there as well. Well, yesterday I checked out a new website that friend told me about and saw a picture of these more stylish rolling totes that a local boutique was now carrying. It just so happened that I had a handy dandy little gift certificate for that store. I went in today and they were way more than what I would ever spend on one, but with my gift certificate I spent less than $17.00. I got the one on the far right and I am rather excited about it.

I know this isn't the greatest picture, but it is the only one I could find. I could not find these for sale anywhere else on the internet.

Weight Watching Day 2

Yesterday went really well, even with the hubby's birthday. He had a good day by the way, and we will celebrate with family tomorrow night. I had another slim fast shake for breakfast, then lunch at Wendy's where I had chilli, crackers and salad. I had cherries for snack and then a piece of my husband's birthday cookie. I wasn't hungry for supper, so I just had some honey wheat pretzels and some more cherries. I woke up in the middle of the night because of some strange dreams and was feeling a little hungry so I had some regular pretzels. It was kind of a crazy day, so not a lot of normal eating, but I was still within my points range and got in all of my fruits and veggies and really only felt hungry in the middle of the night. I did make it to the grocery store yesterday, so I have a few more options now. I'm about to head out to spend some time with a friend then home to get some work done. Gotta finish getting the house clean for company tomorrow.

I pray everyone has a fabulous day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hubby's B'day

Today is my husbands birthday and I just wanted to take a minute to tell you all how amazing he is and how blessed I am that he was chosen for me.

We met and fell in love almost immediately. It wasn't love at first sight, but Patrick who was recently divorced and said he would never marry again, says that he knew immediately that I was someone he could marry. Within a month we were pretty sure we were in love and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Minor problem, he was 29 years old, divorced and had an 8 year old and I was almost 18. Our parents were none too happy to say the least. We had a really hard time when we were dating becaause of the negative pressure from everyone else. Honestly, it didn't make sense to me either. I even tried dating other people that were closer to my age, but it was not to be. Even when I was seeing someone else (which he encouraged me to do) we could not go a day without speaking to each other. We got married just a few months after I graduated from high school. Things were definitely hard for a lot of years (largely because of my insecurities and anxiety and the fact that we were not living for the Lord), but through all of that he was so patient. It is a joy to wake up every morning next to him and I can't wait to see him at the door every afternoon. He is such a hands on Dad and my children absolutely adore him. They have the relationship with him that I could have only dreamt of having with my dad. He doesn't mind a bit helping with the housework or homeschooling. He's just all around a fabulous guy. Our beginning may not have been as conventional as others, but there is not doubt in my mind this is exactly who I was supposed to be with for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday, my sweet man. I love you more and more each day!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 1

I didn't remember to mention that the program I am using for weight loss is Weight Watchers. I did it once before about 7 years ago and loved it, just couldn't afford to continue the meetings an buy the food back then. It's definitely cheaper to eat junk. It also comes highly recommended by my doctor. I wasn't able to make a meeting last night, so I didn't get started yesterday. I headed to a meeting this morning and most of the information is the same, so it is pretty familiar to me. I'm pretty hungry today. Mostly because of poor planning. I meant to kind of get rid of a lot of our junk food (or not so healthy food) and replace it with healthier stuff, but I haven't made the time to do that yet. Because of that there just aren't that many options for me here. Guess, I will have to hit the grocery store soon. I had a slim fast shake for breakfast. I keep these in the fridge for mornings when I don't really have time for breakfast. Then I had a six in sub minus the cheese and mayo at Subway and I've had an apple and pretzels for snack. We'll see what we end up with for supper.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weighty Matters

This has been a long time coming, but is a difficult topic of discussion for me. It is something I have been very private about, but have realized it is only fear that is keeping me from talking about it and succeeding at it. I'm talking about my struggle with my weight. I'm going to tell you all my story.

I was a fat baby then a very thin child. However, once I hit puberty my body really began to change. I was by no means an overweight teenager, although, I really believed that I was. All through high school I thought I was fat, because I had a figure and very athletic looking "thick" legs and I guess I thought I should be rail thin. The summer in between my sophmore and junior year I actually really worked my rump off trying to lose weight and only lost 5 lbs., not because weight loss was an issue, but because I just didn't really have that much weight to lose. I'm only 5'5" and when I have had my body comps done have discovered that minus all of my body fat, I would still weigh almost 130 lbs. Which, I might add is the low end of my weight range on the BMI scale. 21 - 32% is a healthy body fat percentage for women. At the bottom end of that I would weigh about 160. So, all the time that I thought I was fat in school I actually had less than 20% body fat. I say all of that to say that no matter how hard I try, I will never be a supermodel. I will always have a curvy figure and I have come to accept that. So, when did my struggle with weight begin. You'd think it was while I was pregnant, but that's not exactly how it worked for me. I actually didn't gain very much weight with my pregnancies and lost the majority of it after I had my babies. My weight gain happens in the year after I give birth. After I married and before I had my girls I had gained about 5 lbs. When I left the hospital I was already at my pre-pregnancy weight. By my 6 week check-up I had gained 9 lbs. By the time the girls were a year old I had gained a total of 27 lbs. I stayed at that weight until I got pregnant with my son three years after the girls were born. I carried Mason 10 weeks longer than the girls and spent ten weeks on bed rest so I gained more weight than I did with them. However, it was almost the same story. I had 10 lbs. to lose after I had him, but ended up in the same pattern of gaining 30 more pounds in the first year after his birth. He is now 7 and in the last 6 years as a result of three surgeries I have gained an additional 9 lbs. So, as you can see I really don't have a weight gaining problem as long as I'm not having babies, but I do have a hard time losing. In total I have gained about 65 lbs. since giving birth to my daughters. I have only really tried once or twice to lose any weight. Once after Mason was born and once about 2 or 3 years ago. I just didn't want to be a yo-yo dieter. If I started trying to lose the weight I wanted it to be a permanent change. Hence the reason for the long blog post. I've decided not to operate out of fear anymore, so I am actually going to be public about this and make an announcement to all that read my blog. I am going to begin a weight loss program this week. It will truly have to be a long term change. My metabolism is very slow and there are a lot of overweight people in my family (as a matter of fact, my Dad had lap band surgery about a year and a half ago). My goals I think are fairly realistic. I do not expect to have my pre-pregnancy body back. I was almost 19 when I got married and almost 21 when we found out I was expecting, so it is not at all realistic to think that I would ever look exactly like that again. My goals are in baby steps of course I will have the small 5, 10, 20 lb. goals, but my first big one is not a weight it's a size. I want to shop in the Misses section again and I want to buy a bra that fits, without having to worry about special ordering. Maybe that's too much information, but I'm just laying it all out on the table.

My goals here are to keep the Lord as the focus of my weight loss. I want to commit this time to prayer and lean on Him to be all that I need while I'm going through this process. I want to feel better about myself and I want to be able to be as active as I once was. You may or may not know that I have had surgery on both of my knees because of a genetic defect that was aggravated by my times of bed rest with my pregnancies and by losing weight I will be getting pressure off of my knees and allow them to heal even more. I'll try to keep my blog updated probably weekly about how things are going. Please keep me in your prayers.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pecan Pie Sauce

Our women's ministry at church had pancakes Tuesday night and we were asked to bring our favorite pancake topping. I usually only eat syrup on my pancakes, so I tried to think of something that sounded yummy. I decided I wanted to make a butter pecan type sauce and began to look for a recipe. This is what I came up with and it was super yummy. It tastes a lot like pecan pralines.

1 c. butter
1 c. brown sugar
1 1/2 c. chopped pecans
1/2 tsp. vanilla flavoring
1/8 tsp. cinnamon

Melt the butter and sugar together and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and add remaining three ingredients.

That's it. It's that simple. Of course you want to make sure your sugar is disolved, so you may need to continue to stir for a bit after you remove it from the heat. It was really good on pancakes. I think it would be really good on french toast, ice cream and maybe even as a sticky bun topping. You can also leave out the pecans if you wish.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Doing a Little Blog Hopping

I decided I would join in on a little blog hopping this week. Especially because this week was favorite photos and I love this photo that I took of my munchkins feet. Crazy thing is I really dislike feet, but I think this is precious just the same. Hope you enjoy it as well and hop on over to some other blogs and see what their favorite pictures are.

MckLinky Blog Hop