Saturday, March 26, 2011

Houston....We have lift off!

The entire Mint Julep Monograms, Julep Kids line has officially launched! This is the line that I will be sewing for. I'll be making the Going Gingham~red shorst and the Seersucker Punch shorts. I'd love for you to check it out at .

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Machine Embroidery Design Sites

I have spent a lot of time since I got my embroidery machine looking for sites to buy designs from. I"ve found many, but recently found many more. I thought I'd share them hear and maybe as others are looking they'll find my list helpful. I typically look for freebies, samples, retired sets, or penny designs first, then I check for sales or designs I may be looking for. Some of these sites do GREAT sales and coupon codes, so be on the lookout for those. Etsy Shops ~ (These are not links, just shop names. At the top of the page near the search bar choose Shops from the drop down menu, then type the name of the shop in the search bar. I will try to update this with actual links later.) barbhope2 trendystitches BigDreamsEmbroidery glitzystitches embroiderquilt applicakes Lelesdesigns heathersue digidolls embroiderydesignsavi DigitizedCreations ACEmbroidery kayelee poshlittlethings I also find a TON of freebies at under Free Embroidery Designs. You do have to register first.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Picture Post

You can click on the pictures to view them larger.

I was given permission to share pictures with you from the new Mint Julep Monograms, Julep Kids line. These pics show the shorts that I made for the photo shoot and will be sewing for the line as orders come in. All of the shirts are by Mint Julep Monograms ( )and these shorts will be sold exclusively through her store. I'll let you know when the line has officially been launched and items can be purchased. Pictures were taken by Melissa Tash Studios (

Clothing Line Pics

If you want to see pics of the clothing line that I am a part of (I'm making red and white mini-gingham and striped mini-seersucker, board shorts for boys and ruffled shorts for girls). You can "Like" Mint Julep Monograms on Facebook and the pics are posted. The line has not officially launched yet, but I'll let you know as soon as it does. I'm SEW excited!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Fun New Venture

I sort of happened upon a new little venture...or more happened upon me. I began sewing and embroidering for a friend of a friend (who has become my friend) a couple of years ago. I love making things for her because she challenges me. She'll often ask if I can do things that I've never tried before and I don't like to turn down a challenge so I usually figure out how to do it. A few days ago she sent me a text and asked if I'd be interested in making shorts for a home-based monogramming business owned by a friend of hers. I let her know that I'd never made shorts, but felt like it was something I could probably do. So she shared my name and number with her friend, who immediately called me. The owner of the business was in a bind. She was launching a clothing line, had contracted out some of the sewing and had gotten some items back that were NOT up to par. That was Friday, I spoke with her Saturday and she needed the shorts for a photo-shoot today. My weekend was already crazy busy, but I decided to see if I could make it work. Well, I had the CRAZIEST day yesterday and I cut patterns, sewed, ironed, etc. like a mad woman and delivered them just before midnight last night. She was still up working on the appliqued and monogrammed shirts to go with some of the shorts, so thankfully I didn't keep her waiting (She has two other people sewing for this line and one of the others had still not delivered when I left). I made two pairs of blue and white striped mini-seersucker and two pairs of red and white mini-gingham boutique board shorts for her boys to model. I also made a pair of red and white mini-gingham boutique ruffled shorts for her daughter to wear for the photos. Those (and pink and white mini-seersucker ruffles) will be the shorts that I will continue to make once the line launches. She will also have madras plaid, green and white gingham, and some cute/funky designer fabric combos. There will be more shorts, a-line dresses and ruffled skirts. All of the shorts/skirts will be/can be? paired with appliqued/monogrammed shirts. I can't wait for you all to see the pictures. Go like Mint Julep Monograms on Facebook (!/mintjulepmonograms ) and check out her website ( ) and be watching for her Julep Kids clothing line.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Keeping It Real

I've had a lot of things on my mind lately. Things that I've seen in others that have really been getting to me. I usually don't post about such things, but I'm going to and at the end of this post I'll explain why.

~I'm frustrated by those that speak their opionions with frankness and don't consider how what they are saying might make others feel.

~It's bothering me that some people speak harshly of others, but then turn around and still choose to be friends and spend lots of time with those same people. Makes me wonder if they talk about me the same way.

~I'm bothered by the idea that going to others boldly (about their sin, relationship with the Lord, or lack thereof) is translated to many as speaking harshly. Jesus treated even the vilest of sinners with more love and grace than anyone else could understand.

~It's irritating when people say they want to grow in their relationship with the Lord and become more like Jesus, but when someone speaks the truth in love about an issue, they are offended or unwilling to examine whether or not there is truth to what's been said.

~I see many people looking at the lives of other Christians and judging how they are living, what kind of friend they are being, etc.

~Too many people are overlooking the people that are in their lives that could sharpen them and help them grow closer to the Lord and are instead spending their time with whoever is the most fun to be around.

~I've noticed LOTS of ungratefulness....someone goes out of their way to do something nice for you and the response is a quick "thanks" that seems given more out of duty than true gratefulness.

I think my list could continue on for a while....

The reason that I'm posting this though, is not because of what I see in others....It's because what I see in others ought to make me look at myself.

~Am I cautious about sharing my opinion and do I make sure that I do so in a way that is not hurtful, but constructive and will be well received?

~Do I expose the weaknesses of the ones that I love to others or do I allow my love for them to "cover an offense"?

~Do I go to others out of love and concern for them and speak the truth in love about their sin, salvation or relationship with the Lord? Or do I turn them off to a loving Heavenly Father by seeming anything, but loving?

~Am I teachable? Am I willing to hear the truth from those that love me and have my best interest at heart, even when it's a hard truth to hear? Am I willing to examine myself to see if it is truth and then seek the Lord to find the answers to resolving that issue? Or do I just allow myself to be offended and defensive?

~Am I spending too much time looking at the "speck in my brother's eye, instead of the log in my own"? Am I choosing to see the good in people and love them in spite of their faults and forgive them when necessary?

~Am I seeing the value of those that God has placed in my life? Am I choosing to make time for relationships that will sharpen me and that He is the center of?

~Do I make sure that those in my life feel valued by me and realize how thankful I am to have them in my life and how grateful I am for all that they do?

The bottom line is I need to realize when I see issues in others that it's a reminder for me to examine myself to see if I am guilty of those same issues. I cannot change other people, but I can change myself and if my focus is on others, then I will not have the focus necessary to change my own life to become more like Jesus. I truly want to be more like Him and must not allow the enemy to gain a foothold in my life because I'm more focused on other people than I am my relationship with the Lord. Gotta keep my flesh in check, ya know....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100 Things About Me


1. I became a Christian when I was 13 years old.
2. It wasn't until I was 24 years old that I began to understand that walking out the Christian life was about a relationship and not rules.
3. I suffered for years with severe anxiety, insecurity and occasional depression.
4. When I was 28 years old a friend began to counsel me and help me to understand the bondage of unforgiveness and how God feels about me.
5. Through that counseling, God gave me victory over anxiety, insecurity and depression.
6. It's amazing to walk in the freedom that only comes from knowing the Lord.
7. I had a very difficult childhood, but am thankful that I serve a Redeemer that uses all things for good and for His glory.
8. My husband is 11 years older than I am.
9. We have been married for 15 years.
10. I have a 24 year old step-son.
11. My step-son recently married and we are so thankful to now have an AMAZING daughter-in-law.
12. My step-son is in training for Army Special Forces
13. I have twin daughters.
14. They were born at 27 weeks and spent 8 weeks in the NICU.
15. My girls are the reason I became a stay at home Mom. I had planned to return to work, but their being born early necessitated that I stay home.
16. One of my daughters has a mild learning disability and that is why we began homeschooling.
17. I'm so thankful that God closed doors that enabled me to be a stay at home, homeschooling Mom.
18. When I married I refused to be submissive. The examples of submission that I had seen were more like opression.
19. God used some sweet godly women to teach me what true submission is and it has completely changed my marriage.
20. I've been living as a submissive wife for 6 years and I LOVE it!
21. I am not a very good housekeeper, but have really been improving over the last few years.
22. I didn't have a very good example of how to keep a clean home, so I am working very hard to teach my children how to before they leave our home.
23. I have lived in one state my entire life in only 2 counties.
24. We have lived in our current home for 6 years.
25. We bought it as a fixer-upper and we're stillllllll fixing....
26. Our home is 113 years old.
27. We love living outside the city.
28. We hope to one day have some land with room for a few animals (goats, chickens, possibly a milking cow) and a big garden.
29. We began attending a Non-Denominational church almost 5 years ago and it has been life changing for our family.
30. My husband and I serve as Directors of the early-childhood department at our church.
31. We went to Dave Ramsey Financial Peace classes and hope to be debt free (except for the mortgage) within a year or so.)
32. I love to sew
33. There are 4 sewing machines at my house.
34. I have one sewing machine that is old and was given to me.
35. My girls have a sewing machine.
36. I have another machine that I purchased several years ago that is the one I primarily use.
37. I also have an embroidery machine that I love.
38. I REALLY want a serger.
39. I do not like to sew with patterns made by the big pattern companies. Their directions are so confusing.
40. I love to buy PDF patterns from Etsy.
41. I also like to sew things that I find on online tutorials.
42. I also crochet, but have not learned how to read a crochet pattern. That's something I'm trying to remedy.
43. I tried to learn to knit, but DID NOT like it!
44. I recently began to learn to quilt.
45. I also REALLY want a Silhouette Craft Cutter.
46. In case you couldn't tell.....I LOVE crafting!
47. I'm crafty, but not creative. I can replicate things that I see, but rarely come up with creative ideas on my own.
48. I spend too much time on the computer (I'm working to remedy this as well.)
49. I feel called to women's ministry and have loved seeing God begin to materialize that in my life.
50. I used to get very bored with my hair and change it's color and cut often.
51. I recently changed the color and like it.
52. I also recently changed the cut and DO NOT like it. (Lord, please make it grow fast!)
53. I love tortilla chips and almost any kind of dip that's good with them.
54. I do not care for potato chips (The only exceptions are Munchos and Pringles)
55. I love to be outdoors with my family.
56. We hope to one day own a pop-up or lightweight camper.
57. I LOVE to sing and miss having the time to do that at my church.
58. I read almost none of the classics growing up.
57. I'm now reading, listening to, or watching many of them with my girls.
58. When my girls were 12 I took them away for a "Passport to Purity" weekend and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made!
59. I also have a 8 year old son.
60. He is so fun, energetic and silly and brings such joy to our home (He's also LOUD! LOL)
61. I really enjoy street ministry.
62. I enjoy baking and am thankful that my hubby takes care of the cleanup for me.
63. I cook and my hubby washes dishes.
64. We made that deal when we married and it's worked wonderfully for us.
65. He's also begun to enjoy helping me with meal prep.
66. I have a wheat grinder and love to make homemade whole wheat bread, but do not do it nearly as often as I should.
67. I talk too much.
68. I use to many examples to try to make people understand my point. My hubby says it makes his head spin....LOL (Working on that one too!)
69. I stress eat... :(
70. I've had surgery on both of my knees.
71. I went into pre-term labor with my son and spent 10 weeks on bedrest with home health before I had him.
72. I had to have a hysterectomy when I was 30.
73. Prior to the hysterectomy we had to make a tough decision. Between the pre-term labors and other issues we had to make the decision not to have anymore children. I'm still have moments of sadness about that and often dream that I'm pregnant.
74. I can still do the splits....LOL My girls were practicing them for ballet and asked me if I had ever been able to do them...Somehow that translated to me trying it and I still can!
75. I wanted to be a cosmetologist and still regret not having done so.
76. I love to read, but rarely do. It's too hard to stay focused with 3 kids and a hubby around...LOL
77. We have two inside dogs.
78. We had a cat that lived to be 13. We were very sad to lose him, but we won't be getting a new cat.
79. My hubby is NOT a cat person...LOL
80. I recently began to learn to decorate cakes
81. I made the groom's cake for my step-son's wedding.
82. I have 5 nieces.
83. I have 3 nephews.
84. I also have 2 more nieces/nephews on the way.
85. My Mom is the 9th of 10 children and she had some of the most amazing parents on the planet. I miss them terribly.
86. I don't mind exercise, but never seem to make time for it.
87. I love Kefir smoothies.
88. I don't let my food touch on my plate.
89. I eat one thing at a time, until I've cleaned my plate.
90. I have issues with food texture. I don't like anything mushy.
91. We have two HUGE pecan trees and I'm the only one at my house that eats them.
92. I really love baths and hope to one day install a jacuzzi tub. A good long hot bath is as good as a massage to me.
93. I LOVE Praise and Worship music.
94. If we're driving in our van, chances are we'll all be singing Praise and Worship music LOUDLY.
95. There is a good bit of Indian in my family, but I got the skin tone of the Irish that's in our family... (Can you say, sunburn?!?!)
96. I almost drowned while white water rafting.
97. I am afraid of heights.
98. I began blogging on homeschool blogger years ago, but Facebook has replaced a lot of my blogging time. (I'm trying to get better about that too.)
99. I have two brothers and always wished that I had a sister.
100. I am a work in progress and hope that I remember to extend as much grace to others as I desire to be extended to me.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dress~A~Girl Around the World Sew Along

LBG studio

Thanks to Cole's Corner and Creations I found out about a Sew~Along at Little Big Girl Studio. I'm very excited to participate in this one, because it is for an AMAZING cause! Go HERE to find out more about the Sew~Along and HERE to find out more about Dress a Girl Around the World.

I am very excited about my plans to carry this out. I plan to have my girls help me and even have a day set up with a friend for her and her daughter to make dresses too. The most exciting part is some of the fabric that I plan to use. My Mammaw had 10 children. They were poor sharecroppers, so she made a lot of her children's clothing, often using feed and grain sacks for her daughters dresses. When she passed away I was blessed to receive much of her fabric stash. I've wondered for quite some time what to do with some of it. I think this is a perfect way to use it! When I told my Mom my plans, she said immediately that my Mammaw would have love that I was using it for this purpose. She was a very sweet woman that made everyone around her feel loved and accepted. I hope and pray that is exactly how these sweet girls will feel when they wear these dresses!

Here's a video of some of the dresses being delivered:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Cute New Dress

A friend of mine asked me to replicate a favorite dress that her little girl had outgrown. I love that this particular friend asks me to do things that I've never done before. It makes me spread out and try new things. I looked around on Etsy for a pattern (many of the patterns on Etsy are PDF Patterns and I find them really easy to use). I gave her a few options and ultimately she chose The Tuesday Top and Dress Pattern from Googoo a Gogo. I wanted to make a test dress before I used the fabric my friend had bought. I recently won a couple of yards of fabric from The Bailey Girls via a giveaway at Cole's Corner and Creations. The bodice of the dress is Green Quite Contrary Beautiful and the ruffle and sleeves are a pink on pink polka dot seersucker that I found at Hobby Lobby. I made this one for my two year old niece.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. I took this with my cell phone....