Sunday, June 22, 2008

Crazy Week

We had the craziest week. We went to a friends house on Monday night, stayed home Tuesday night, went to church Wednesday night (we had babies and ones in nursery, a total of nine children and 5 of them cried most of the time, we ended up with 3 extra people helping us, CRAZY). Thursday night the girls and I worked at the church until after 10 preparing for our church yard sale. Friday we went to a friends house and back to church to finish setting up for the sale. We left church at about 10:20 and went to my Mom's to spend the night. We were getting ready for bed at about midnight when my sister-in-law had to go to the ER because she was in extreme pain (she is about 10 weeks pregnant). So, I went to bed with the phone and barely slept. They thought she had appendecitis, but found out it was actually a cyst on her ovary that ruptured. The good news though, is that they did an ultrasound and she got to see the baby moving around. Saturday morning we woke up at 5 AM and headed back to church for the yard sale. We stayed there until about 1:30 or 2:00, then went back to Mom's and stayed another night. Today we went to church, ate lunch at Mom's, P changed the oil in the van and we just got home. Man, I'm tired and of course off tomorrow for more fun, a birthday party at a water park.

It was crazy, but we had fun fellowshipping with our church family and meeting lots of new people. It was awesome to see some of those new people at our church this morning. God is doing some amazing things!!!

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