Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

It doesn't usually happen this way, but this year I basically had a full weekend of Mother's Day. It was probably the best Mother's Day that I have ever had.

Friday night Patrick came home from work and they took me out to eat. We went to Santa Fe. Before we got there Mason reminded his Daddy to open my door for me. While we were there Mason gave me a tile trivet he had painted at co-op. It has his handprint on it. He was so excited to give it to me. He also tried to make sure I had everything I needed and wanted during the meal and kept leaning over to snuggle with me. I am blessed with such a sweet boy!

Saturday the girls had their first dance recital. We had to go for dress rehearsal early that morning. While we were gone Patrick and Mason went to Huntsville and bought my Mother's Day present and when I got home they were on the carport putting it together. They gave me a "conversation set" for my front porch. It has a loveseat, 2 chairs and coffee table and I love it. It's very comfy. I spent a good while out there yesterday morning, drinking my coffee and reading the Word. I imgine I will be doing that very often and I'm sure we'll sit out there a good bit in the evenings as well. Then Saturday evening we headed out to the girls recital. They looked so beautiful and did such a great job. It was very emotional, even Mason said he almost cried. I was so proud of them. My parents, brothers, sister-in-law and niece also came and we all went out to eat afterwards. We got almost halfway home and I realized that I had left something at the restaraunt, so Patrick turned around to go get it. It was still there thankfully. It was so sweet of him to go all the way back even though it was so late and we were all so tired.

Sunday, I spent some time outside on my new furniture and then we headed to church. I'm not in the service a lot because we are working in our Preschool ministry a good bit. Yesterday, we didn't have any other commitments, so we got to be in the service. It was amazing. Our Pastor's wife spoke to use on Nurturing with your words, actions and relationship and it was such a needed word. I can't say enough about it. It was soooooo good. Then we went to my Mom's for lunch. My brother's cooked so that we Mom's didn't have to. Afterwards we came home and I had a short nap and talked to a friend on the phone for a bit. Then Patrick and Kelsi went to the grocery store and when they got back the girls and Mason made supper and a cake for us. They set up a table in the living room so Patrick and I could eat alone. They also brought us their baby books, so we could reminisce. It was so sweet and Patrick and I had some good conversation.

All in all it was just an amazing weekend. I definitely feel loved by my family and honored to call them my family. I am a truly blessed woman!

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