Friday, June 19, 2009


As many of you probably know I have "preteen" daughters. They are 11 1/2 and of course puberty has begun. I've had a couple of conversations with them about what to expect and let me just say I am so glad it was me that they got their information from. I have great memories from those times. Our first conversation was very basic and kind of funny and the second was in more detail and really a sweet time for us, as I was able to make the connection that as their bodies are being prepared to be mothers, God also wants to prepare their hearts. It was such a sweet time and we all cried. What a treasured memory.

That being said I have yet to tell them all about the "birds and the bees" and have really been struggling with the decision of when and how. It's been on my mind a lot lately, especially since I realized that they will move into our churches youth group next year. The youth group is from 7th through 12th grades and I feel like maybe they need to know and understand as much as possible before they are hanging out with much older children. Especially because youth groups often are a fun place to hang out, so you have a lot of children come only to youth group and not church on Sunday.

Wednesday I received a phone call from a friend that has a daughter a couple of years older than my girls. She told me about the Passport2Purity curriculum and her weekend away with her daughter. I think it sounds great and I'm pretty sure that at the end of this school year I will be having a weekend getaway with my girls.

I know many of you have girls and may have been wondering how to go about this conversation as well, so I wanted to pass the info along. I do want to caution you that this is the real deal, with the graphic info and all. If you don't want to tell your daughter all of that you can have her listen to that portion of the cd or dvd (not sure which it is), but it is a man describing what occurs. My friend said that she listened to it herself and then explained it to her daughter in her own words and that is probably what I will do as well.

You can learn more about it HERE .

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