Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How Judgemental Can We Be?

I grew up in a very judgemental home and have really had to work at becoming different and not judging people. I will not begin to say that I succeed at that everyday, but I am at least to a point that when I am being judgemental I feel the Lord's conviction and am able to repent and learn from that mistake. That being said, I have realized recently how guilty many of us are of judging other peoples convictions and walk with the Lord. Especially in the area of family planning or lack thereof. Why do we think that it is okay to judge people about the size of their family if it is something they feel like they are called to. Would we judge someones calling to be a Pastor, Missionary, Worship leader, etc. What if someone is called to adopt, do you judge that? The Word does not speak of modern day forms of birth control, so did we all just deccide that since it is available we must all use it? I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with using birth control. We to some degree planned the size of our family (although now that we are living for the Lord I have some regrets about that). God designed things a certain way and if he enables people to get pregnant and give birth many, many times, maybe that was His plan for their lives. I was unable (because of a miscarriage and difficult pregnancies with pre-term labor and delivery) to have a large family (although the four children that we have is large by many peoples definition) so maybe that wasn't His plan for me. I'm not trying to be on a soap box or say that everyone is wrong. I just hope that people will begin to think about what they are thinking or saying and how God would feel about those feelings or words. I happen to be friends with or aquainted with many large families and several people that desire to allow the Lord to determine the size of their families and I'm telling you I respect them greatly. For the most part these families bear good fruit. You can see Jesus in them and their children. They typically lack selfishness and have the heart of a servant. They tend to be very polite and respectful and have the kind of children that you want your children around because they are such good examples. I guess I'm just saying, look at your attitude about such things, commit it to prayer and ask the Lord if you've had a right heart in that area. I know I haven't always, but I'm sure glad that He has and is changing my heart in that and many more areas and that He has brought some of these families into my life, they truly sharpen me and I am blessed immensly by them.

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The Arnold Family said...

I only have 5, and some people act as though it is a disgusting sin. I have a hunch though, that it just reflects their insecurities about their marriages, and how they never truly let go to God. Deep down, I think they are wishing they could have that picture. Maybe not 19 children like the Duggars, but a picture of 'hapiness' and unity. If someone is truly content with their life, then they truly have no reason to bash someone else's.

And Kristie let go of any past regret about not letting 'God' plan the size of your family. God knew what your mindset at the time would be. You didn't surprise him or throw him off. And also, your baby having days were not at all easy for you. You and Patrick are GREAT parents. I know you don't wallow in the regret, but even the little stick in your heart that comes every once in awhile. Just know that God saw the whole picture before you were even conceived, let alone your babies. And He knows your heart.

Love you!