Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas for the Kids

Finally decided on what to do for the kids for Christmas. I will be making each of them flannel pajama pants and a matching embroidered shirt. Then they will each get a stocking, game and a special gift that they have asked for. Doesn't seem like much, but they understood that the Disney trip was a very large part of Christmas this year. Thankfully, I have very grateful, practical children. They have expressed to us that they actually enjoy small Christmases because they enjoy having plenty of time to play with their new gifts. The girls will have books in their stockings and Mason will have an Adventures in Odyssey cd. Everyone has asked for a book light, so they will have those as well. Both girls want a few sewing tools and Mason wants a bandana and a pocket knife. (He has a swiss army already, he is only allowed to carry them on occasions that he is going to be spending time with his Daddy.) Kelsi wants a bag of starburst and Keeli wants a large Hershey bar and Mason wants a nerd rope or Reese Cups. They will all have pencils in there and I'm sure a few more goodies, like ponytail holders for the girls and cars for Mason. That will probably be it for the stockings. I found some family Wii games for $10 each, so we will have two of those and I also saw a bundle of 2 board games for $10 so we will have those as well (those will be group gifts). Lastly, each of them will get their individual gifts, Keeli wants an art set, Mason wants a GI Joe Snake Eyes Sword and Mask and Kelsi wants a set of Nifty Knitter Hoops.

I'm still completely unsure what I am doing for my husband. I have a pretty good idea what to do for Josh (my step-son), but he occasionally reads my blogs, so I'll refrain from posting about his.

I'll post pics of the homemade gifts as I get them done. I hope to start in the next few days.

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