Monday, May 10, 2010

WW Weigh-in #6

I somehow got confused about how many weeks I'd been on WW and I named last weeks post #6. I realized that today was my 6th weigh-in, so I corrected my errors and renamed my posts. I have just completed my 6th week. I'm still going strong. I'm enjoying the way that I'm eating and really not feeling at all deprived. I even had a few days this week that I was REALLY hungry, but was able to manage all my munchies well. Yesterday I gave myself the day off, but still made pretty good choices {minus the desserts ;) } . This week I lost 2 lbs. I am 1.2 lbs. away from my 2nd goal. I've been updating my ticker weekly, so it has the correct amount of weight lost on it.

I feel great. I've been buying some new clothes, most of which have been dresses. I have worn very few dresses over the last few years because I felt they were very unflattering. Thankfully today's styles are much better cuts for my body and I'm enjoying the "dressing-up". Most of the dresses I have gotten have been REALLY good deals and are on the casual side, so I can wear them often. My hubby is super happy with all of them! I am beginning to be able to tell that I am losing. My waist is a bit smaller and my pants are a bit loose. I have some clothes that I love, so I'm gonna have to learn how to do alterations.

One of the reasons that I wanted to lose weight was to get some pressure off of my knees. I've had surgery on both of them due to a hereditary issue that was complicated by my bed-rests with my pregnancy. My first surgery was 6 1-2 years ago. That knee healed well. I still have occasional pain in it, but not too much and that is usually only while climbing. My 2nd surgery was 2 years ago and the surgery helped, but the damage was more extensive. I still have pain fairly often, my muscles have not regained their strength and there is still some noise in the joint (popping and grinding). If losing weight and exercising does not help this knee I may be in for another surgery. I am 33 years old and would love to be able to stand for long periods of time, climb stairs, exercise, etc. without pain or risk of further damage to the joint. Please pray with me for healing.

Have a blessed week!

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Organizing Mommy said...

Wow! That's impressive! Keep up the good work