Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ready or Not...

This week has included a couple of meetings that have sent us slightly reeling in a new direction that none of us were quite ready for.  A couple of years ago I attended a meeting to learn about high school transcripts and what kind of courses I needed to make sure were on them in order for those transcripts to benefit my children when it comes to college admissions.  I was cool with that.  Didn't seem too hard and didn't really make things seem like a short time table.  However, this week we attended two college prep meetings and those meetings have our minds swirling in many different directions and left us all wishing we could SLOW life down.  I'm SO not ready for my girls to be grown.  I cannot even fathom what life looks like after they've graduated from high school and I am honestly scared that I'm not going to handle it well.  So, if you see me in public and I walk past you with a glazed look in my eyes and without speaking, just know that I have thoughts of PLAN, PSAT, SAT, ACTs, scholarship applications, transcripts, aptitude tests, career decisions, college choices, but espcially my little girls growing up flooding my mind.  Lord, help me!

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