Friday, December 6, 2013

Tis the Season. To Be......BUSY!

One of the most frustrating parts of this time of year is how very busy it tends to be.  We've been invited to two Christmas parties by my husband's employer, 5 events through our homeschool covering or with our homeschool friends, 5 events/parties with our church family (and some practices that go along with one of those events) and a couple of other miscellaneious Christmas related events....and none of that counts any of the traditional family/friend holiday gatherings, work, homeschooling, shopping, holiday traditions (parades, craft shows, etc.) or regularly scheduled church events.  Seriously....If we let it the schedule for the month of December could get COMPLETELY out of hand.  While I strive to find the joy in each of the events we attend and chalk the fellowship up to part of the celebration of Christmas, I have learned that I just have to say no sometimes.  Sadly, this is often not popular and people sometimes just don't understand.  I actually have considered planning some things in my home and inviting friends and family and have just decided that I will not contribute to the scheduling craziness, so I will purpose to do those after the holidays.  We all really need to make a point to spend time with each other throughout the year and not feel so obligated to plan so many holiday gatherings.  It's honestly (to me) not the decor or the gift giving or the jolly ol' man that take our eyes off of the reason for the season.  Our chaotic schedules tend to do that for us.  Just something to think about.....and please know that if you invite us to something this month and we say no, it isn't because we don't love you or even that we don't want to's just that we want to get through the holidays with our sanity intact and keep our eyes firmly focused on Jesus.

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