Friday, August 22, 2008

Free Grammar and Writing Workbook

I may have posted about this when I posted what we are doing this year, but I thought it deserved it's very own post.

My girls were very behind on their writing skills. I needed something that would brush them up on grammar (although, I do think that you get most of the grammar that you actually need from this workbook), but would especially teach them good sentence and paragraph structure and how to get their ideas on paper in a way that makes sense to whoever reads it. I was completely willing to purchase a Language program. I had narrowed it down to Abeka or Bob Jones. Then I happened upon this free online (printable) grammar and writing handbook from Scott Foresman. Since I actually know some homeschoolers that use Scott Foresman (and know it is used in public schools as well) I decided that we had nothing to lose by trying. So, we began to use it this summer. You only have to do one side of one worksheet per day, or you could arrange it however would fit your schedule. My girls are doing 4 pages a day, so that they can catch up to the level that they need to be working. Anyway, I am extremely pleased with it. The girls seem to enjoy doing it. Kelsi has done about 90 pages and Keeli has done around 70 and I have already seen a drastic improvement. Try it, you just might really like it!

Scott Foresman Grammar and Writing

I'm beginning to think that with a little effort on the teacher's part, you actually could homeschool your child for FREE!

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