Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bed and Breakfast Fiasco

I am very behind on my posting, so I'm going to work on updating.

The weekend after we renewed our vows, my brother and sister-in-law kept our kids and we headed to Mentone to stay in a bed and breakfast. We were planning on staying at DeSoto State Park. We have stayed in a Chalet there and I have stayed in the hotel and we were really pleased with both and the prices are great and so is the food. We really love all the scenery there. It is a gorgeous place and it's only about an hour from home. Well, I waited to long to book it and since it was the weekend after thanksgiving there were no rooms left. So, I ended up getting us into this bed and breakfast. The price was significantly higher, but we thought it would be worth it for the experience. Boy were we wrong!

First of all the day after thanksgiving I woke up early and went shopping. Then I headed home to finish packing and take a nap before we left. When I woke up from my nap I felt sick. Then it started raining. We get up the mountain just before dark and the inn was so neat looking from the outside. We had been told that that weekend was the beginning of the festival of lights, well that was a joke. There were hardly any Christmas decorations. So, we head inside the inn and it was freezing in there. I thought it was just because I didn't feel well, but Patrick snuck and checked the thermostat and it was 62* in there and the thermostat was set on 65*. Then we went into our room. It was tiny, but kind of cute and the innkeeper showed us the claw foot tub in the bathroom and it was dirty. Patrick thought it was stained, but I wiped it with my finger nail and it came off. GROSS! Inside the inn looked cluttered, dusty and not vacuumed. There were cheap silk flowers in our room, a very cheap looking comforter on the bed (and a gorgeous quilt folded up at the end of it, you would think they would have used that), a book laying on the bed called "A Secret Affair" and the towels in the bathroom looked like the towels that most of us keep around for spills and such. They were mismatched and had bleach spots on them and such.

The innkeeper had boasted to us about the "full breakfast" that was included. The first morning it was scrambled eggs, a half piece of bacon, grits, a biscuit (which I'm pretty sure was a frozen biscuit) and "orange juice" that tasted exactly like Sunny D and some weird kind of mashed sweet potatoes with black stuff in them that tasted completely burned. The next morning it was some kind of little pancake looking thing made out of the leftover grits (it was actually decent tasting), a leftover biscuit, scrambled eggs, another half piece of bacon and the same weird oj.

The whole time we were there I was getting more and more sick. Patrick watched the Alabama Auburn game while there and I slept on the couch next to him. When we got home I was in the bed for 3 days. On Saturday we went to a couple of flea markets (which weren't very good because of the rain) and an antique. We did eat at a couple of restraunts that we really enjoyed while we were there. Which reminds me one of these restraunts has amazing desserts and they are only open Thursday - Saturday. We ate there Saturday night and when they found out where we were staying they wanted to send some dessert with us, so they wouldn't have to throw it all away. There was hardly anyone else staying at the inn, but we took back 8 huge pieces of cake and two pieces of pie. I took the pie and left a note on the cake. The next morning all of the cake was gone. I'm pretty sure the innkeepers had taken it for themselves instead of sharing it with the guests.

So now for the weirdest thing of all. There was a car there that had the words "Ghosthunter" on the back. Just before we left I overheard one of the innkeepers and this man talking and apparently he and his girlfriend were staying there to try to contact ghosts. Creepy!!!

Anyway, it was such a pitiful trip that it is honestly funny. We will definitely go back to Mentone, but we will not be staying at "The Mentone Inn Bed & Breakfast".


~*Lisa*~ said...

Oh Kristie I am so sorry that your B&B experience was not great. That does sound horrible. Bo and I went for my 30th birthday to the Mt. Laurel inn B & B in Mentone and it was just the best little place out of the way. We just loved it and the owner and her dog were precious! I strongly recommend them for your next trip. OK when I saw the ghost buster's coming in I think I would have left. YIKES! Yeah Happy vow renewal to you. Ha ha :) Well at least you and Patrick will have some great stories to tell your grandchildren!

~*Lisa*~ said...

You have been awarded a blog award run over to my blog and check it out. Blessings!

Leslie said...

I'm so sorry your experience was like this. Eek! I'm guessing it will give you a lot to laugh about in the future. Hoping your next trip away is just perfect!