Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas and the latest

Much has been going on around here lately. I've just been too busy to sit down and blog about it.

I have started my new job. I went to my bosses house Saturday and trained on actually sending through the credit card and eft/bank billing. I stayed there about 6 1/2 hours. One thing I love about my boss (among many, she's great.) is how she trains. She showed me how at first by telling me what to do and having me do it. Then she let me loose and had me do it myself. She let me make mistakes, so I could go back and correct them and learn from them. I left with tons of knowledge and really being exited about it. I love working on the computers and I love working with numbers, so this is right up my alley. On Monday I went and worked with one of the managers at the gym. She showed me a lot about how they use our system. She was extremely helpful, and that knowledge will definitely help when I'm tryin to figure out a problem in an account. Monday night and Tuesday morning I actually did some work from home. It was so nice. I clocked in and worked until I needed to do something else, then I clocked out when I needed to do something here and went back to working when it was convenient for me. It was great. It won't be like that for everything I do. There will be about 4 days a month that I have to get things done on a certain day by a certain time. I won't be doing any more work until Monday and will go do the second phase of the billing process with my boss again.

While I was at the gym on Monday, my kids were in the childcare area. Well, Mason has some loose teeth. The first one he lost in a totally crazy way, the second one I pulled and the third one he lost at the gym. He was trying to grab a ball and fell and just as he fell Keeli was trying to kick another ball and kicked him in the face. So, he lost his third tooth. He hates to wiggle his teeth or have them pulled. I'm beginning to wonder if something crazy is going to have to happen everytime, to get his teeth out.

I've also been doing a lot of sewing. I made my niece 2 more pillowcase dresses for Christmas. A friend came over and we sewed 4 aprons and I embroidered them with my embroidery machine (that just came home from the shop). I have since made 2 more aprons, embroidered those and 3 of our personal aprons and made wallets for the girls and embroidered those. I have so many other projects that I want to work on. I am going to make my sister-in-law a diaper bag, myself a couple of tote bags (a large one and one the size of the files I sometimes need to carry around with my gym stuff in it), and a wallet to keep up with receipts in my purse. I will try to post pictures after Christmas.

We have had some company over lately. I've had a few friends over during the day and we had a family over for supper one night. That's fun. It's one of my favorite things, it just seems that I rarely have time to do it.

We've also already had Christmas at my mom's. The girls and I each got nice sewing boxes, we were all very exited about. My sister-in -law sells Thirty-One products and she gave the kids cinch sacks with their names on them that we also love. The kids also got some toys that they love and the girls got some long sleeved leotards that they really needed. I gave my parents a collage frames with some of the awesome pictures that we have taken recently. It was a great day.

We still have to do Christmas with my Pappaw's family tomorrow afternoon and Friday morning we will be going to spend some time with Patrick's family. Please pray for that trip, for safety and peacefulness. It is often chaotic there and our beliefs are very different so it is sometimes a bit of a challenge.

On a personal note I want to encourage everyone to spend time this Christmas season really reflecting on all the Lord has done for you. He has really had me in a place of reflection lately and honestly it is overwhelming. I find myself wanting to sob at times, just from feeling so overwhelmed by Him. The idea that he found us, who are so unworthy, worthy enough to do all that He has for us. To deliver us from so many things, to change our family so drastically, to take control of our finances and bless us in such an amazing way, to bring such amazing friends into our lives that truly sharpen us, I could go on and on and on. We serve such an amazing God and I find myself so frustrated by how inadequate I am to be able to truly give Him all of the praise and honor and glory that He sooo deserves.

I pray you all have a truly blessed Christmas!!!

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Leslie said...

I'm behind on your blog and didn't realize that you had moved. Your new home is lovely.

It sounds like you have been incredibly busy and productive!!! I'd love to see some of the things you have made.

Thank you for sharing about your personal time of reflection. God is amazing, isn't He? We have much to be thankful for!