Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm Heading Back Into the Workforce.....

sort of.

I received an email yesterday morning that actually took me off guard. A previous employer was offering me an oppportunity that most of us stay at home Mom's dream of. A job, workinng completely from home. I was really unsure if this was something that I wanted to take on. Between homeschooling and church we stay pretty busy and I am about to take on more responsibility in one of the departments at church. The interesting thing though is that I have recently been freeing up my schedule more so we could spend more time at home. I emailed her back and asked a few questions and asked her to call me. Within 15 - 20 minutes my phone was ringing and she was giving me all of the details. The company is a local fitness and tanning center. I worked their before as the coordinator over their children's area. I was responsible for all of the employees in the children's area. I took care of the hiring, discipline, scheduling, as well as dealing with parents if necessary. Since I would not be over a department this time I figured it would be less money and really was unsure it was worth it. Well, it isn't less money, it is significantly more money. This can be nothing less than the favor of God. So, I accepted and will be going in to fill out all of my paperwork today. I will be handling the billing for both gyms. I'll take care of running the billing through banks and credit card companies, charging NSF fees to accounts, notifying the office of memberships to cut off and taking care of pre-collection notices. It's expected that this will take me 12-15 hours a week. If at some point and time I decide that I can take on more responsibility, then they may give me more, but onlly if I ask for it. I am very excited about this new opportunity and am so amazed at how it all came to be. This could only be a gift from the Father.

On a side note I wanted to let you all know what I have done so far about the situation with the girls. First we are going to be minimizing contact with the one who is being intentionally rude to them. I also had some really long conversations with them during the storm the other night. I explained to them that they could not take these things personally because as the Word says "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks". If someone is speaking something ugly to them, then their is probably something ugly in their heart and that is their problem to fix (hopefully with the Lord's help), not ours. I also talked to them about how we(christians) will be known by our fruit and what the fruits of the Spirit are. I told them that if they did not see those fruits in someone then we should probably back away from that friendship. I also told them that they needed to look for those qualities in people and work to get to know people that exhibit them. Lastly, I explained to them that two Christians as friends sharpen each other "like iron sharpens iron". That they needed to be friends with people who were good examples so they could sharpen each other and that when we are friends with people who hurt us we are only allowing ourselves to be dulled by them. I told them that just because someone was not good friend material didn't mean that we shouldn't love them with the love of Christ. I explained that we should be kind to them, that they should see Christ in us and that we should pray for them, we just shouldn't try to be more than aquaintances with them. Those conversations went really well, but I was still feeling very unsure if I was handling it all correctly. So, yesterday afternoon I had to pick up something from the children's pastors (it is a couple) at our main campus and while I was there we had a conversation that was fabulous. It helped so much. Mostly she told me that she felt like I was handling the situation very well and all that we have done so far was putting us on the right track. (She also spoke to the girls, which I think helped a lot as well.) I feel much better about the situation today and just wanted to update you all on where we are with this.

I pray you all have a truly blessed day!

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The Arnold Family said...

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That is AWESOME about the new job. WOW WOW WOW! Congrats! How wonderful!

And that's good to hear about the girls. It's just a tough couple of years to get through.