Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Explode The Code

I just found out that ETC now has an online version. It spans K-4th grade, is self-grading and levelling. It advances with your child. It's $55 for 1 year for 1 student. Definitely worth looking into. HERE is a link. If you look to the right on that page and click on Free Resources, there are sample lessons from the books (these lessons look WAY too simplistic, but trust me they work, and the simplicity allows them to become more independent, thus boosting confidence). You will also find research information on how ETC works. THIS is a link to a video explaining how the online program works. THIS link is a demo of lessons that your child can try out. I'm SERIOUSLY considerring this for my son. He LOVES to work on the computer, so I know he'd be asking to do these lessons and he's in 3rd grade, but not reading as well as I'd like. This would take out the guesswork on what his weaknesses are, etc. I'm EXCITED!

Update: I talked to my hubby and we decided to order the online version for Mason this year. The only bummer is that once you place your order (they do charge tax) you will have to wait 3-4 business days for an email that explains how to set it up and use it. Oh well, guess he'll have to play on for a few more days.


Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing about this - and also about the spelling program. I just purchased All About Spelling and am hoping it will work well. Haven't started as I'm still waiting on one of the books to come it.

I hope you'll share more about ETC and how it is working using the online version. The cost is a bit much for us right now, but maybe for the future - if I hear great reviews. :-)


Kristie @ Me and My House said...

I certainly understand the cost factor. Honestly, if I hadn't thought my son could get through most of it this year, I may not have done it, but at 8, it seems the reading bug has hit and he's interested and things are finally clicking. I do love the ETC books as well, but he gets bored with workbooks and loves computer time, so this was a good option for him and since I already had most of his curriculum (bought used or at a HS store closing sale), I felt I could afford the splurge. So far, I'd say it is well worth it. I will keep you updated on how it's going. Glad to see you blogging again. I <3 to keep up with your family.