Monday, August 9, 2010

Prayers for Our Soldier.....Please

My step-son Josh joined the Army back in January (actually he signed up for delayed enlistment in September of last year, but started Basic in January). He felt called to join Special Forces and tested high enough to get into the 18X program, which is an accelerated Special Forces Program. He has been through Basic Training, Infantry Training and Jump School and has been on hold for SFPC, which is pre-selection, basically it prepares you for Selection. He starts SFPC today and it will last 19 days (with no phone!). He will then (in Sept.) begin the Selection process. If he makes it through selection he will be SF and will then be assigned a base. Please pray that he is able to mentally, physically and most importantly physically handle all of the challenges. That he will find favor with his superiors and that he will acheive his goal of becoming Special Forces.

Thank you so much!

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