Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Old-New Me

So, if you know me one thing we've probably talked about it what a horrible time I've always had keeping a clean house. I've never been good at it. Didn't grow up in a clean house and honestly for the first few years of my marriage I didn't care. I was going through so much junk from my past and suffering with such anxiety and making my hubby pay for all of my Dad's mistakes. Anyway, it was not good. Thankfully my God is a redeemer and He completely showed up and showed out in my life! He healed me of so many hurts and gave me victory over anxiety and depression. He is AMAZING!!! After that whole process He really began to plant in me a desire to submit to and serve my husband, so I began to really try to get my home together, not because my husband demanded it, but because I knew it would make him happy and make his life easier. I really started trying and things got so much better, I even got much better about being consistent with our homeschool day and I was really on the right track. The other thing you may or may not know about me (I guess I'm being really real today) is that I've always been a starter and not a finisher. I come hard out of the gate and make good progress in the beginning, then I lose steam or life happens and I don't get back around to whatever I was doing......Enter my job. In December of 2008 I took a job working from home and in July of 2009 my husband and I became directors over the preschool ministry at church. My home began a downward spiral, the kids were doing most of the chores without being checked on and doing most of their school independently. I didn't have time to get rid of things, it just was not good. After much prayer the Lord showed my husband and I that the time had come to lay down the job and I did. My last day was July 6, 2010. The most exciting thing to me is that very quickly that desire to regain control of my home kicked in and I am slowly but surely getting there. I'm so excited to know it wasn't a fluke, it really is who God has taught me to be....I have a long way to go, but I'm on the right track and I'm excited about it. :)


Josh Healy said...

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cahanbury said...

I am so happy for you. Again, we're twinsies. I am also having a time of ... focus? I don't know. Obedience. I think that's the word. And life is so much better as a result.

texasmcvays said...

I needed this...its a strugglefor me too and I make it worse by comparing myself to those ladies who seemingly effortlessly keep house. Anytime my focus is not on our Lord Jesus sin just jumps right in!