Monday, August 6, 2007

Capturing Your Child's Heart

Here are some things I already knew that were reinforced and some new things that I learned at the homeschool convention about capturing the hearts of our children. The speaker was Christie Berry, see more from her at .
- The only person I can change is me. If I don't have their hearts I need to evaluate what I am doing.
- Get involved, do what they want to do and make sure my heart is in it. They will be able to tell if it's not.
- What behaviors do I see in my child that I don't like are behaviors that I have taught them?
- If I am not obedient to the Lord my children will not be obedient to me.
- If we want to encourage them to change, we should court them and encourage them.
- Don' react to their misbehavior, respond to it instead.
- Let our children see us learning from our mistakes and always say we are sorry and admit our faults to them. If we are not real with them, they will not be able to relate to us.
- Pray for them, pray about how to parent them, pray for there future, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!!!
- For every negative word you say to them, they need 10 positive ones to make up for it.
- It will be easier for God to win their hearts if I have won it first.
- We should work on having their heart before our focus is on education. They will be much easier to educate if they love and respect us because they know that we love and respect them.
I hope this is helpful. Some of it was convicting for me. I will definitely be working more on this now. If we don't win them while they are young it will be much harder to do it later.

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