Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Am Soooo Excited......

Not very long ago I was at a friends store. She was doing some printing and I noticed some of the features that were on her printer. I realized how much time something like that would save me. Patrick and I talked about it and I began to look for one that would do some of the same things. We had 2 printers set up. The one on the computer that I use the most is fast, but does not copy, scan or fax. The one on the older, slower computer, is in an armoire, so the printer is below the keyboard. It prints, copies and scans, but is very slow and kind of old, we've had it for 7 yrs. or more. Well, I found the printer I wanted and started watching the sales. The original price was $199 and the best sale price I could find was $149. Well if you know me, you know I am a penny-pincher, so as much as I wanted the printer, I just couldn't release myself to spend that much money. In the meantime I get this job working from home and the need for a better printer greatly increases. Anyway, I received a Christmas gift that was something I pretty much already have and was able to return it to an office supply store that carried this printer , so I took it back and it was $70, soooooo for $80 I got my printer (Since I will be using it so much more now that I am working, I did opt to buy the protection plan)!!! I am super excited. It has tons of features, but my two favorites are an automatic document feeder and automatic 2-sided prints. WooHoo! The 2-sided print thing is already saving me tons of time and headache. Just wanted to share my excitement!!!

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