Saturday, January 31, 2009

7 Men on My Roof

Yep that's right. There are 7 men on my roof and it is really loud in here and will be all day. Why you ask? Because we had a terrible roof leak for a very long time and it has ruined our back room. It's also a beautiful much warmer day and I'm thankful that these men do not have to freeze while they are up there. What I am most thankful about is that all of these men are our friends. They all volunteered immediately when they heard that we had this need and have reminded us multiple times since then that they wanted to help. So, they all got here around 7:oo a.m. and went straight to work, while I was preparing their breakfast. As soon as they were done eating they headed right back up there. I am so thankful to have people in our lives that love us for who we are. That don't get mad or offended about little things or even big ones. They just realize we are human and that we will make mistakes. We understand that they are too. That is what makes a good friendship. What makes it even better is when those friendships are rooted in the Lord. These are all godly men, who are striving to learn more about the Father and do His will. I'm proud to call them and their families our friends and I'm more thankful than I could ever show them.

Have a great weekend!

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