Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well, the guys didn't quite finish the roof on Saturday. Most of them had somewhere to be, so all of them except my brother were gone by 2:00. Patrick and my brother worked and got it almost completely finished before dark.

We went that night to my cousins house and had homemade pizza night with her family. It's kind of a tradition we have with them. The pizza is always fabulous and the company is great, too. It's nice when you have a family you can get together with and everyone clicks, so the whole family has a blast.

Sunday we went to church. Patrick and I worked in Kidsquest. Then we headed home so he could get the roof finished. One of the guys from church came back and brought his two sons and they knocked the rest of it out quickly. All of these guys were just Godsends, but I was super impressed with these two teenage boys who were so willing to lend us a hand. They worked really hard. Patrick got everything cleaned up and came in to watch the super bowl. We all hung out with him while he was watching it, because we missed him so much while he was working on the roof all weekend.

Monday, I had a good bit of work to complete. Finally got all of that done.

Tuesday I got tons done around the house (still lots to be done, though.) We had a great family night last night. We worked on a puzzle before supper, had really good conversation during supper, and piled up on the couch and watched TV together until time for the kids to get in the bed.

Today, I got up this morning and yelled at my kids then came in my room and cried. I haven't yelled at them in ages. I just got totally fed up with the arguing today. The stuff they argue about just blows my mind. Today it was about instant oatmeal. Not fun. I also got out and went to town for a very short time. Patrick and I had decided that now would be a good time for me to get my new embroidery machine. So, I went to town to get it, but they wouldn't honor the price that I found. So, I came home and ordered it. The price was just too good, it was almost $300 savings, with free shipping and no sales tax. So, I saved a lot of money by ordering it instead and it should be here by Friday or Monday. I also ordered some really neat software for it and saved about $60 by shopping around online instead of buying it in town. Can't wait to get it. I've got a couple of projects to do and it's really going to be helpful for those, plus a lot of fun. The best thing about today though, is that I have my sweet niece at our house for a while. It's my first time keeping her without her Mom here and I am so excited. Her mom had some things she had to do today and it was just easier for me to keep her than it was to get her in and out in the cold multiple times. She's precious. We already took some pics of her, fed and changed her and got her back to sleep. I love it. Tonight we have Little praisers at church. Patrick has babies and 1's and I've got the 2's thru 5's.

Guess, I better get busy. Gotta plan for my class tonight and my co-op class tomorrow, make sure the girls have their dance stuff ready for tomorrow, make sure they know all their verses for tonight, get supper done and to top it all off tomorrow is billing day. Can you say BUSY! I guess I'm used to it now though, it doesn't bother me near as much as it used to. Hope ya'll have a great rest of the week.

Be Blessed!

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