Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 1

I didn't remember to mention that the program I am using for weight loss is Weight Watchers. I did it once before about 7 years ago and loved it, just couldn't afford to continue the meetings an buy the food back then. It's definitely cheaper to eat junk. It also comes highly recommended by my doctor. I wasn't able to make a meeting last night, so I didn't get started yesterday. I headed to a meeting this morning and most of the information is the same, so it is pretty familiar to me. I'm pretty hungry today. Mostly because of poor planning. I meant to kind of get rid of a lot of our junk food (or not so healthy food) and replace it with healthier stuff, but I haven't made the time to do that yet. Because of that there just aren't that many options for me here. Guess, I will have to hit the grocery store soon. I had a slim fast shake for breakfast. I keep these in the fridge for mornings when I don't really have time for breakfast. Then I had a six in sub minus the cheese and mayo at Subway and I've had an apple and pretzels for snack. We'll see what we end up with for supper.

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