Monday, January 18, 2010

Fill Me Up By Jared Anderson

This is what you will hear me singing as I walk around or work at my desk almost constantly lately. I love it, it speaks to me and is my prayer!

Jesus I am thirsty
I am learning
how to hunger for more of You
You are the water
And You offer
life that is making me new
Spirit come

Fill up my lungs with air
My voice with prayer
And my mouth with praise
Fill up my heart with song
For the journey is long
And I need Your strength
Jesus Your love is more than enough
Come and fill me fill me up

Jesus I need mercy
I need cleansing from the burden of so many sins
You are the water
So I offer all of my life into
Your hands
Spirit come

You are water to the desert
You are the rain to the dust
You are healing to the broken
You are life won't You come

I couldn't find a youtube video or put it on my playlist. I did find his myspace page. You can click on he link below, then scroll down to his music player and click on Fill Me Up to play it.

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