Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100 Things About Me


1. I became a Christian when I was 13 years old.
2. It wasn't until I was 24 years old that I began to understand that walking out the Christian life was about a relationship and not rules.
3. I suffered for years with severe anxiety, insecurity and occasional depression.
4. When I was 28 years old a friend began to counsel me and help me to understand the bondage of unforgiveness and how God feels about me.
5. Through that counseling, God gave me victory over anxiety, insecurity and depression.
6. It's amazing to walk in the freedom that only comes from knowing the Lord.
7. I had a very difficult childhood, but am thankful that I serve a Redeemer that uses all things for good and for His glory.
8. My husband is 11 years older than I am.
9. We have been married for 15 years.
10. I have a 24 year old step-son.
11. My step-son recently married and we are so thankful to now have an AMAZING daughter-in-law.
12. My step-son is in training for Army Special Forces
13. I have twin daughters.
14. They were born at 27 weeks and spent 8 weeks in the NICU.
15. My girls are the reason I became a stay at home Mom. I had planned to return to work, but their being born early necessitated that I stay home.
16. One of my daughters has a mild learning disability and that is why we began homeschooling.
17. I'm so thankful that God closed doors that enabled me to be a stay at home, homeschooling Mom.
18. When I married I refused to be submissive. The examples of submission that I had seen were more like opression.
19. God used some sweet godly women to teach me what true submission is and it has completely changed my marriage.
20. I've been living as a submissive wife for 6 years and I LOVE it!
21. I am not a very good housekeeper, but have really been improving over the last few years.
22. I didn't have a very good example of how to keep a clean home, so I am working very hard to teach my children how to before they leave our home.
23. I have lived in one state my entire life in only 2 counties.
24. We have lived in our current home for 6 years.
25. We bought it as a fixer-upper and we're stillllllll fixing....
26. Our home is 113 years old.
27. We love living outside the city.
28. We hope to one day have some land with room for a few animals (goats, chickens, possibly a milking cow) and a big garden.
29. We began attending a Non-Denominational church almost 5 years ago and it has been life changing for our family.
30. My husband and I serve as Directors of the early-childhood department at our church.
31. We went to Dave Ramsey Financial Peace classes and hope to be debt free (except for the mortgage) within a year or so.)
32. I love to sew
33. There are 4 sewing machines at my house.
34. I have one sewing machine that is old and was given to me.
35. My girls have a sewing machine.
36. I have another machine that I purchased several years ago that is the one I primarily use.
37. I also have an embroidery machine that I love.
38. I REALLY want a serger.
39. I do not like to sew with patterns made by the big pattern companies. Their directions are so confusing.
40. I love to buy PDF patterns from Etsy.
41. I also like to sew things that I find on online tutorials.
42. I also crochet, but have not learned how to read a crochet pattern. That's something I'm trying to remedy.
43. I tried to learn to knit, but DID NOT like it!
44. I recently began to learn to quilt.
45. I also REALLY want a Silhouette Craft Cutter.
46. In case you couldn't tell.....I LOVE crafting!
47. I'm crafty, but not creative. I can replicate things that I see, but rarely come up with creative ideas on my own.
48. I spend too much time on the computer (I'm working to remedy this as well.)
49. I feel called to women's ministry and have loved seeing God begin to materialize that in my life.
50. I used to get very bored with my hair and change it's color and cut often.
51. I recently changed the color and like it.
52. I also recently changed the cut and DO NOT like it. (Lord, please make it grow fast!)
53. I love tortilla chips and almost any kind of dip that's good with them.
54. I do not care for potato chips (The only exceptions are Munchos and Pringles)
55. I love to be outdoors with my family.
56. We hope to one day own a pop-up or lightweight camper.
57. I LOVE to sing and miss having the time to do that at my church.
58. I read almost none of the classics growing up.
57. I'm now reading, listening to, or watching many of them with my girls.
58. When my girls were 12 I took them away for a "Passport to Purity" weekend and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made!
59. I also have a 8 year old son.
60. He is so fun, energetic and silly and brings such joy to our home (He's also LOUD! LOL)
61. I really enjoy street ministry.
62. I enjoy baking and am thankful that my hubby takes care of the cleanup for me.
63. I cook and my hubby washes dishes.
64. We made that deal when we married and it's worked wonderfully for us.
65. He's also begun to enjoy helping me with meal prep.
66. I have a wheat grinder and love to make homemade whole wheat bread, but do not do it nearly as often as I should.
67. I talk too much.
68. I use to many examples to try to make people understand my point. My hubby says it makes his head spin....LOL (Working on that one too!)
69. I stress eat... :(
70. I've had surgery on both of my knees.
71. I went into pre-term labor with my son and spent 10 weeks on bedrest with home health before I had him.
72. I had to have a hysterectomy when I was 30.
73. Prior to the hysterectomy we had to make a tough decision. Between the pre-term labors and other issues we had to make the decision not to have anymore children. I'm still have moments of sadness about that and often dream that I'm pregnant.
74. I can still do the splits....LOL My girls were practicing them for ballet and asked me if I had ever been able to do them...Somehow that translated to me trying it and I still can!
75. I wanted to be a cosmetologist and still regret not having done so.
76. I love to read, but rarely do. It's too hard to stay focused with 3 kids and a hubby around...LOL
77. We have two inside dogs.
78. We had a cat that lived to be 13. We were very sad to lose him, but we won't be getting a new cat.
79. My hubby is NOT a cat person...LOL
80. I recently began to learn to decorate cakes
81. I made the groom's cake for my step-son's wedding.
82. I have 5 nieces.
83. I have 3 nephews.
84. I also have 2 more nieces/nephews on the way.
85. My Mom is the 9th of 10 children and she had some of the most amazing parents on the planet. I miss them terribly.
86. I don't mind exercise, but never seem to make time for it.
87. I love Kefir smoothies.
88. I don't let my food touch on my plate.
89. I eat one thing at a time, until I've cleaned my plate.
90. I have issues with food texture. I don't like anything mushy.
91. We have two HUGE pecan trees and I'm the only one at my house that eats them.
92. I really love baths and hope to one day install a jacuzzi tub. A good long hot bath is as good as a massage to me.
93. I LOVE Praise and Worship music.
94. If we're driving in our van, chances are we'll all be singing Praise and Worship music LOUDLY.
95. There is a good bit of Indian in my family, but I got the skin tone of the Irish that's in our family... (Can you say, sunburn?!?!)
96. I almost drowned while white water rafting.
97. I am afraid of heights.
98. I began blogging on homeschool blogger years ago, but Facebook has replaced a lot of my blogging time. (I'm trying to get better about that too.)
99. I have two brothers and always wished that I had a sister.
100. I am a work in progress and hope that I remember to extend as much grace to others as I desire to be extended to me.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Nice to meet you. My name is Amy. I had planned to try and get around to reading all of these links, but more kept appearing and I have run out of time. I think these links disappear when the party ends, so since I will no longer be able to find your blog, please contact me and let me know if you are interested in me still reading your link and I can come back at another date and do so. I have throuly enjoyed learning about everyone I have read about so far and would love to know more about you too! Hope you have enjoyed the party...

Heather said...

So nice to meet you!!

We have A LOT in common!! :) We are also a homeschooling family. I would love to have a serger and the Silhoutte Cutter! I am also good at replicating things I see but horrible at my own things. My 10yo daughter on the other hand creates her own crochet patterns! Love kefir smoothies! And a huge ditto on wanting to install a jacuzzi tub!

Heather said...

Oh...and I also love that you changed up the blog party by telling 100 things about yourself! :)

The Arnold Family said...

Oooohh I can't read this until I get my list done. But then I am so excited to come back and read this!! I LOVE these types of things!

Anonymous said...

Silly me. The links didn't disappear so I came back to learn more. Funny how much you can learn about a person with 100 things. I have three kids-two boys and a girl. My husband keeps joking that she needs a little sister and she is only 6 months old (today) but i do wish that for her cause I am with you that it would be nice to have one after being stuck with all males. I wish I had a sister but alas I am an only child. The closest I'm gonna get is siters in law-my husband has one brother and two step brothers...

cahanbury said...

We're not complete twins after all. Just..mostly. The big stand out is the reading thing. Though, I suppose for you it's sewing and for me it's reading, and then we're mostly twins again. Not surprised. Oh and I love my food touching. But I get the texture thing.