Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Fun New Venture

I sort of happened upon a new little venture...or more accurately....it happened upon me. I began sewing and embroidering for a friend of a friend (who has become my friend) a couple of years ago. I love making things for her because she challenges me. She'll often ask if I can do things that I've never tried before and I don't like to turn down a challenge so I usually figure out how to do it. A few days ago she sent me a text and asked if I'd be interested in making shorts for a home-based monogramming business owned by a friend of hers. I let her know that I'd never made shorts, but felt like it was something I could probably do. So she shared my name and number with her friend, who immediately called me. The owner of the business was in a bind. She was launching a clothing line, had contracted out some of the sewing and had gotten some items back that were NOT up to par. That was Friday, I spoke with her Saturday and she needed the shorts for a photo-shoot today. My weekend was already crazy busy, but I decided to see if I could make it work. Well, I had the CRAZIEST day yesterday and I cut patterns, sewed, ironed, etc. like a mad woman and delivered them just before midnight last night. She was still up working on the appliqued and monogrammed shirts to go with some of the shorts, so thankfully I didn't keep her waiting (She has two other people sewing for this line and one of the others had still not delivered when I left). I made two pairs of blue and white striped mini-seersucker and two pairs of red and white mini-gingham boutique board shorts for her boys to model. I also made a pair of red and white mini-gingham boutique ruffled shorts for her daughter to wear for the photos. Those (and pink and white mini-seersucker ruffles) will be the shorts that I will continue to make once the line launches. She will also have madras plaid, green and white gingham, and some cute/funky designer fabric combos. There will be more shorts, a-line dresses and ruffled skirts. All of the shorts/skirts will be/can be? paired with appliqued/monogrammed shirts. I can't wait for you all to see the pictures. Go like Mint Julep Monograms on Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/mintjulepmonograms ) and check out her website ( www.mintjulepmonograms.com ) and be watching for her Julep Kids clothing line.


chrisannan said...

You are so cool!! And the picture (and shorts) look GREAT!!!!!!!!


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