Wednesday, July 18, 2007


You may or may not know that I suffered from terrible anxiety for years and sometimes depression. A couple of years ago I was really about as low as I thought I could go and I sought help through a lady at our church who was about to get her certificate to do family christian counseling.
I learned so much! At the end i felt like I was seeing with new eyes and hearing with new ears. It' so hard to describe how much the Lord changed me. Sometimes I wish more people knew me back then because they would be amazed at what God can do. The anxiety and depression were destroying my marriage and my ability to be a godly mother to my children. Thank you Lord for redemption!!!!
Anyway, through a combination of many things (learning about God's character, how He feels about me, who I am in Him and He is in me, about submitting to my husband [Lots more about that later] and much, much more) my life was absolutely changed.
Well, more and more often God is placing in front of me people who are dealing with the same things. I never really feel equipped to help these people, but I know that God brought me through so much of that so I could minister to people who are dealing with the same things. Mostly I try to share my testimony, instead of telling them what they need to do differently. So please be praying that God will continue to teach me how to minister to people with these issues. Pray that my words will be His!
Oh, and if you are dealing with these things or your just curious about my testimony, please ask me I love to share how Awesome our God is!!!!
I also wanted to recommend some books that really helped me :
Who I Am in Christ by Neil Anderson
Lies Women Believe (& Walking in the Truth, the workbook) by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Battlefield of the Mind (Devotional) by Joyce Meyer (I'm sure the regular book is really good, too.)
Love Ya'll

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