Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yvonne Welch

I will be attending a women's retreat in March. Each year our homeschool cover puts together this retreat that is always a little bit about homeschooling, but mostly about godly womanhood. I usually come home refreshed, craving more of the Lord and more of His word and equipped with much needed info on how to walk out who He has called me to be. This year the speaker is Yvonne Welch. She has an amazing testimony of how the Lord brought her out of bitterness, anxiety and depression (much like my own testimony). She was a guest back in the summertime on Revive Our Hearts and my friend encouraged me to listen to her. Well I did and it was great! She has a outline that she uses for her quiet times that a wise older lady gave her many years ago and she still uses it today. My friend has started using it and I think I'm going to give it a try as well.

You get a notebook and you write the word PRAISE and then 5 things you want to praise Him. for. Then you write CONFESS and write 5 things you need to confess to Him. Then THANKSGIVING and write 5 things you are thankful for. Then INTERCESSION and write 5 things to pray about for others. Then SUPPLICATION (def.-humble prayer, entreaty, or petition) and write 5 things you want to pray about. Finally you write PSALMS. You will begin reading in the beginning of Psalms and every time you come across an attribute of God you will write it down, until you have written 5 attributes. The next day you will stop where you left off and each day you will write down only 5. The goal here is for you to truly come to know the character of the Lord.

You can listen to her or read the transcripts here:

You can print an outline of the Quiet time outline here:

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