Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Praise You, Oh Lord, For Protection

Today (or yesterday and this morning) has been one seriously long day. We got up early and took the dog to the vet for another bandage change. We at lunch at Sonic, went to Hobby Lobby with my SIL and then headed to a birthday party for a friends little girl. The kids all had a great time. Our friends have horses and they brought one of them out for all of the children to ride. Everyone had ridden except for Mason. So Mason got on the saddle and another little boy got on behind him. Something irritated the horse and it bucked and ran and threw the boys off of the horse and knocked down my friend's husband and another little boy that were leading the horse. The horse also fell. I was witness to the whole thing. I took off running down the hill and was literally yelling prayers (I must have looked crazy, but I do not care). When I got to Mason his nose was bleeding, but he was telling me over and over again that he was fine. The other little boy that was on the horse was complaining of his back hurting. Mason was not himself afterwards and I was concerned enough to take him to the ER. We just got home and he is fine. The blood work, urine test and cat scans all were clear. PRAISE GOD!!!!

Please pray that he would not be sore. We also found at least 7 tiny ticks on him, so please pray that there would be no complications from that.

I know this may sound weird and not worded well, but with the time change it is 3:30 in the morning and I haven't been to bed yet.


Anonymous said...

Thank God he was alright. I know that gave you the fright of a lifetime. don't worry about looking crazy, prayer does work!

The Arnold Family said...

Again, so glad he is ok. Could have been a worse outcome, but it wasn't. Praise God.