Friday, March 13, 2009

Lots To Do and then Some Fun

Well, it's pretty early and I did not sleep well at all. Thanks in part to the steroid I think and the fact that I have a lot to do today. My mind tends to race at night if I have a lot going on. So, I didn't really get a good nights sleep (which is a bit of a bummer because I probably won't get a good one this weekend either), but I don't feel overly tired this morning. So far I feel much better. My nose is barely stuffy this morning, my head feels much clearer and my throat doesn't hurt near as bad. Yay! Hopefully I will feel better and better each day, so I can really enjoy the retreat I am going on. I have lots of neat friends in my homeschool group that will be there and 4 of my good friends from church are going as well. So, I get to go hear an awesome word from the Lord, spend some quality time in prayer, get to spend some time worshipping, some time laughing at funny skits, doing a craft or two, playing some games, eating good food and fellowshipping with some of my favorite people who also happen to really sharpen me. This retreat has been amazing in the past and I'm expecting great things yet again. I'm excited! Can you tell?

On the home front my sweet hubby took off today to take care of the kiddos, so I could head out a little early with my friends and have a nice lunch before we head to Joe Wheeler (the retreat location). He will have to take our daughter to the pulminologist this morning, do a little bit of shopping, go to the post office and take the dog to the vet today. He is also doing something I think is pretty amazing. You see, my church is having a women's conference this weekend that I have to miss because I will be on the retreat (that was a bit of a tough decision). There will be childcare provided and since myself and my friend are lead coordinators in the nursery (she does the scheduling and I handle curriculum and eventually I will handle teacher training) and our husbands work in the nursery a lot, they are going to be coordinating and working in the nursery at the women's conference that we won't even be at. I already knew I was married to an amazing man and this was just further confirmation of that. I have friends whose husbands will barely keep their own children and mine is keeping ours all weekend, playing mom, housekeeper, cook and taxi and taking care of the children at my church. I am a very blessed woman!

I have some prayer requests please:

-Pray for the retreat and all that is involved in it, that above all else, the Lord would be there and we would hear from him and bring something tangible to come home and apply to our lives that will make us better wives, mothers, teachers, friends and especially children of the King.

-Pray for my church's women's conference. That God would move in an amazing way and truly touch our city. Pray for the leadership, the children and the men caring for the children.

- Pray for my husband as he has a lot of responsibilities and very little down time this weekend. Pray that he is still able to feel rested when he returns to work on Monday.

- Please continue to pray for my healing.

Thanks to you all and many, many blessings!

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