Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weight Watchers Online

I have been using WW online for a little over a week now. In the past I have gone to the meetings, but just wasn't ready for it to be a long term commitment. The 1st time I used WW I had just had my son and we were BROKE! I just could not afford the extra $40 a month. The other times, I just had a hard time getting to the meetings or my heart wasn't really in it. Each time I have stopped I have gained back more than I lost. I understand that happens no matter how you lose weight, it's the whloe yo-yo dieting thing. So, I was determined to wait to do something else until I felt like I was ready for a lifestyle change that would last a lifetime. The one thing that I did have to resolve myself too, is if I want to lose weight and keep it off, I will have to track my eating probably for the rest of my life, as easy as the online tools are to use, I'm okay with that. The last two years we've really been trying to eat a lot healthier, so we've made enough changes that I finally felt it was doable. I determined that if I could do it without buying all the specialized gimmicky weight loss foods then maybe I wouldn't quit because of money, if I could do it online it's also cheaper and I wouldn't quit because I didn't have time and if I would focus on low point breakfast, lunch and snacks, we could still have or normal suppers. I pretty much wanted to do it with as little thought and time investment as possible. I also figured out that I need to do things in baby steps. I have not started regular excercise yet. I decided to get into a good groove with the eating and then add the excercise. I think I tend to try to do everything at once and overwhelm myself. I also have never done WW with anyone that I knew. I would go to meetings and see all these people in groups that were already friends and on the journey together. I was thinking I would do really well if I had some friends doing it too.
So, I have two friends that are also on the program and at least 4 other friends that are considering it. One of my friends emails me each week and we report how much we lost and we share tips. The other of my friends and I email multiple times a week letting each other know how we've done on points, what we've been eating, what's working, what's not and then of course weight lost. It's great. Having someone to talk to about it will make it much more difficult to allow it to just fall by the wayside. I'm also kind of competitive, not that I must win, but if my friends are doing well, then I need to do well too, especially since I've been encouraging others to join us.

Anyway, WW is having free registration right now. You can get 3 months of the online program for a total of $55, then each month after that it will be around $18 per month. The online program helps you track your weight, food, excercise, etc. There are free recipes, excercise ideas with videos of how to do them and MUCH more. I am LOVING it and I'm doing GREAT. I've had no problem staying within my points and last week I didn't use ANY of my extra points for the week, even with the holiday. ANNNNNNNDDDDDD I lost 4.6 lbs.! That was my 1st week, so that's always a big week, then it tends to eventually slow down to a lb. or 2 a week and I'm completely great with that. I know I didn't gain this weight quickly and if I want a permanent solution I'm not going to lose it all quickly. I also don't have some pre-conceived notion of looking like a teenager when I'm done. I was almost 19 when I got married and 21 when I had my girls, so I don't really know what my body will do as a 30-something Mom, so we'll just see and I'll be happy with healthy (and no longer shopping in plus-sizes would be lovely!). I will try to update each Monday about how it's going and if you've been thinking about it......jump on the wagon and let's do it together!

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Kristy K said...

I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my Physical Friday post. It meant SO MUCH to me. Every time I write one of these posts, I'm plagued with guilt and doubt.... is it "Christian" to be talking about these things? Do people even care? Am I giving misinformation?

But I do pray over each post because I know firsthand how intimacy (or the lack of) can make or break a marriage.

So thanks for reading and thank you so much for being so thoughtful!