Monday, November 22, 2010

A Big Fat Honkin' List

I had planned to get a lot done before thanksgiving in order to be ready for the company, shopping, Christmas decorating and crafting. However, I've had sickly people around here for about a week and a half. Needless to say that put me a bit behind. We've been doing a pretty good job of keeping the house straight, so the things that need to happen are mostly deep cleaning type things or cleaning up things that just get overlooked. I have 4 days to do that this week. I also have several goings on, so I've made a list of when I need to do what in order to not allow things to sneak up on me. The kids have a pretty good list, but they will be helping each other. If they work well without arguing they should spend an hour or less cleaning each day. That's probably about what I will spend cleaning as well. I've also got some sewing that has to be done this week. I'm making and embroidering stockings for my cousin's family (4), finishing a key fob, embroidering two burp cloths, making two hair bows and appliqueing two shirts. I'll spread that out through the week so it won't be too overwhelming. Just in case you're curious, here are my lists. For some reason I LOVE looking at other people's lists. Weird I know, but I'm a list person....

Monday -
9:00 Chiropractor
10:10 Dentist
11:00 Possibly head to homeschool groups Thanksgiving Feast
2:00 Possibly hang out with friends

Tuesday -
Make dish and go to extended family Thanksgiving

Wednesday -
Home all day; no church tonight
Begin to thaw the turkey

Thursday -
Make a dish or two and go to Thanksgiving at Mom's

Friday -
Hubby is home
I'm going shopping
Possibly pizza night with cousins (Could be Wed. night)
Brine turkey
Cook cornbread for dressing

Saturday -
Step-son and his fiance are coming for Thanksgiving lunch; we'll be having lunch with some friends, too.

Monday - Bedroom Dresser; Kitchen Counters (Busy day. This will probably happen after the kids go to bed.)
Tuesday - Sewing Area; Laundry Room Cabinet
Wednesday - Desk Area; Refrigerators
Friday - Change Bedding and Vacuum bedroom; Check Kids Rooms

Monday - (We'll be gone most of the day, so I tried to choose the lighter chores for this day. They should be able to do most of this while I make supper.)
Living Room - Clean off tops of things and under things thoroughly
Kitchen - Wash fronts of Cabinets and Appliances (Give all three of them a washcloth and some spray and the love it! Who knew????)
Bathroom - Clean out baskets
Halls and Stairs - Organize Drawers
Laundry Room - Clean off counter; make sure laundry is sorted properly and in baskets
Son's Room - Clean off beds (He has two beds and he likes to put his laundry on one of them instead of putting it away.)
Daughter's Room - Clean off tops of everything
(Remember all three of them will be working on each of those tasks. Should take about 10 minutes per job.)

Tuesday - (We'll be home all day, gone in the evening)
Kitchen - Wash top, sides and legs of tables and chairs (see note about washcloths and spray..LOL)
Living Room - Clean out couches and chair and basket (I think half of everything ever lost in my house has somehow ended up in the couch cushions!)
Bathroom - Wash walls (there tile....we need an update!) and cabinets
Halls and Stairs - Organize school bookshelf
Laundry Room - Wash off washer and dryer
Son's room - Wash bedclothes and remake beds; Clean off tops of trunk and dresser
Daughter's Room - Pick things up out of floor (You know...a pre-teen/teenager's favorite place to store all their stuff.)

Wednesday - (No plans to be anywhere, so I put the heavier chores here.)
Kitchen - Thoroughly clean counters and backs of counters
Living Room - Clean out corner and take care of Kids Market Bags (We've been cleaning out and several boxes and bags have been piled here. Gotta make room for the Christmas tree!)
Bathroom - Clean out tub (for some reason it seems we hang on to the empty bottles...) Clean tub and tub walls
Halls and Stairs - organize large bookshelf
Laundry Room - clean up floor (the dogs hang out here when we're asleep or not home, so we have to pick up their toys and spilled dog food, plus stray clothes that may not have made it to the basket.)
Son's room - clean up floor (apparently also a little boy's favorite place to store his things.)
Daughter's Room - Clean under everything; Wash Bedclothes and remake bed

Friday- (We'll be home most of the day and Daddy is home too._
Kitchen - Clean sinks and stove top; mop (My kids LOVE to mop!)
Living Room - Vacuum thoroughly including baseboards and under things (The girls also really like to vacuum!)
Bathroom - Clean toilet, sink, counter and mirror
Halls and stairs - sweep and mop
Laundry room - sweep and mop
Son's room - sweep and mop
Daughter's room - sweep and mop

Hubby's potential list
(He's still sick , so he may not be able to get to all of this and most of it depends on weather.)
Clean his corner of the bedroom and his things in the closet
Clean off carport
Change oil in van
Clean up leaves in the yard
Bring food buckets in from storage room

That's probably more list than any of you ever wanted to see, but it's what ya got....I warned you in the title...LOL With the exception of Monday we will get up in the morning and knock out our chores right away, so we'll have most of the rest of the day for the other stuff we want to do (probably no school this week). My kids like to do chores together, it makes it feel more manageable to them. The fact that I divided the rooms up into one chore in each room per day also makes us feel less overwhelmed. Usually they will set a timer and kind of race themselves to see if they can get the chore done before the timer goes off. I think we'll get most if not all of it done. I'm looking forward to a week of accomplishments mixed with lots of family, friends and good foods!

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