Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tour of Hell

On Saturday our church had a HUGE Harvestfest and over 3000 people from our city attended. (Keep in mind we are a small church with between 150 and 200 in regular attendance). On Sunday we followed that up with an illustrated sermon entitled Tour of Hell. We had around 600 people between the two services. The sermon investigated the lives of some people in the Bible that almost made the decision to follow the Lord, basically of people that almost went to Heaven, but ended up in Hell (one example would be the rich young ruler). These two videos were used during that sermon and they are incredible.

The 2nd one is definitely hard to watch, but it is needful. We need to realize that we have a very real enemy and then we need to get in the Word of God and learn how to recognize him and how to stand firm against him.

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The Arnold Family said...

Glad you guys had a good turn out. I hope lives were impacted, even if the impact wasn't instant.