Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Sewing and Embroidery List

I just sat here and made out the list of all the sewing and embroidery that I have to do between now and Christmas. WOW is it long. I'm gonna have to tackle it hard and am really going to try to finish it up this week. Thankfully a lot of it is easy embroidery, so I can be embroidering while I'm sitting at my other machine sewing. In case you're curious here's the breakdown:

Key Wristlets - 3
Checkbook Covers - 2
Debit Card Holders = 1
Burp Cloths - 3
Onesies - 1
Shirts - 2 or 3
Stockings to finish - 5 (These are about halfway finished.)
Towels to embroider - 7
Throws to embroider - 9
Pants to make - 6 or 7
Blankets to make and embroider - 3

That's a total of 40 -42 items......oh and we're planning a rehearsal dinner and I just got elected to make a groom's cake for the 29th. Yep, I'm gonna be busy. Hopefully I'll have the presence of mind to post pics as I go. Say a little prayer for me. ;0)

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