Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tackling the List

I've been busy at the machine all day today and some on Monday. I also revised my list a little. Just no point in making it harder than it has to be, so I decided a few things could be changed or wait until the first of the year. Here is the revised list and what I have gotten done so far.

Key Wristlets - 3
Checkbook Covers - 2
Debit Card Holders = 1
Burp Cloths - 3
Onesies - 1
Stockings to finish - 5 (These are about halfway finished.)
Towels to embroider - 7 (THESE ARE FINISHED)
Throws to embroider - 6 (I'VE FINISHED FOUR OF THESE)
Pants to make - 4
Blankets to make and embroider - 3

I have a total of 25 to go. I'm coming along. My goal is to finish before the end of this week.

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trooppetrie said...

I can not wait to see pictures of it all.