Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Be Anxious for Nothing.....

As an adult, I dealt for many years with terrible anxiety. It affected every aspect of my life and almost cost me my marriage. There were many reasons for my anxiety and it's roots were very deep. I became desperate and the Lord placed me in the right situation with the right person at the right time and I learned all the right things and He delivered me from that terrible bondage. Every year of my life since then has been better than the year before. I'm a much better mother, sister, daughter, friend and especially wife. My husband and I are constantly growing closer and I am so very thankful.

The problem is that I have 2 children that deal with anxiety issues. My son has basic fears that I really think he'll eventually outgrow. He was afraid of lots of the rides at Disney World. The unknown factor really got to him, he didn't like the speed of some of them, he doesn't like the dark, etc. My daughter, however, has been gripped with fear from the time she was very young. There are some things that have improved, but not much and to some degree there are things that are worsening. She will not sleep alone, doesn't want to, but will, go to the restroom alone in a public place, panics about having to put her thoughts down on paper (writing reports, etc.), will not go outside alone after dark, etc. She is just overall very fearful. The worst seems to be the fear of vomitting....I know it sounds crazy, but she's always been what we've called our puker...If she has a fever, she will vomit...If she gets a headache she'll vomit....If she cries too much, she'll vomit, etc. If someone in our home comes down with a stomach bug she will immediately begin to cry because she doesn't want to get it. She also has reflux which is for the most part under control, but lately she has spent the night away from home a couple of times. Both times she forgot her reflux medicine, ate foods that complicated the reflux and didn't get enough rest, which proves to be a disastrous combination. She begins to have reflux, then she overreacts because she's afraid she'll throw up, then she starts crying and then she begins vomitting. I have tried so many things. I've had her memorize and claim verses on fear and protection, I've tried to teach her to pray through the anxiety, I've tried to explain to her the logical side of the situation and how illogical the fear is, we've consoled her, we've been firm and I'm now at a loss. I just don't know what to do next. I know that the idea of her growing into adulthood still dealing with this is very frightening to me and we MUST figure out how to get her past this. This has certainly reminded me of how much I NEED my Heavenly Father, of how I CANNOT walk through this on my own, of I DO NOT have the answers, but I know Who does. I believe that He will show us what to do and I believe that my daughter will receive victory over this fear.

I would love your prayers as we seek the Lord for answers.


cahanbury said...

I don't know what you think about this... What about a Christian counselor? Maybe he/she would have ideas for you?

Leslie said...

I'm so sorry friend. I can hear the pain in your words and can only imagine how hard this is for both of you. Praying for your precious daughter and for you as you love on her and guide her.

Hugs to you!