Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun and Funky and Mature

Yes, you can be all three. Just ask this El Fabulouso fabric that I found for my girls room:

You can see it HERE and I must add that I looked at it again this morning and it's on SALE!!! They are soooo singing my song.....(Gonna be making that purchase here in a few...)

See. I told ya! It also has a magnificent name ~ Meet, Glam Blue/Natural... What pre-teen would not want some glam in their room. So, here's the scoop. I have a bedding set that I L~O~V~E! I looked for it for a LOOOONNNGGG time, saved my Christmas and Birthday money and paid more than I ever have for a comforter set and it is AMAZING! I've loved it every minute that I've had it (except maybe the minutes ( errrr....HOURS) I spent trying to get a HUGE red mud stain out of the dust ruffle (thanks to the man that I married who shall remain nameless) and I love to sleep under it. However, I have always wanted a King Sized bed. My hubby loves to invite the kids in for snuggles at night or a pile-up to watch cartoons in the morning and I NEED MY SPACE (Just kidding....sorta...). My Mom has a King Sized bed she wants to get rid of and I'm going to take it off her hands. Which means I have to get a new comfortable. I've actually mourned that part of it. Gone over and over again in my head whether or not I could really part with my comforter set, but alas, I suppose I must. I did of course see if I could find it in a King Size, but no such luck. The girls need a new mattress and they will be getting our current mattress (which they love) and my beloved comforter sets (along with many convos about how they better not trash it). It's somewhat sophisticate, but a neutral color and would not look good in their current Berry (aka pink) bedroom. Not to mention that they have had that color in their room literally half of their lives. We have been racking our brains about what to do in their room. They really wanted a modern blue or aqua and we looked and looked and FINALLY found it. So, the inspiration for the room is the above fabric. I will be painting their floors brown (HALLELUJAH, no more white wood floor) and their walls will be one of the two blue colors from the fabric. The fabric will be curtains, throw pillows and I'll do a little re-upholstering with it. I will also be painting and glazing their furniture (like this minus the marbled looking top and with a little more modern edge to it)

and we have some BIG plans for some artwork. We are all soooooo excited (except when we think about the actual work part of it), but the finished product REALLY excites us! What do you think?

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