Monday, June 21, 2010


~I don't think I'm gonna post my weigh-ins every week anymore. It seems like those posts are becoming a bit monotonous and considering this is going to be a long process....I don't think I want to be posting about weigh-in #40...if you know what I mean. So, I think I'll post about meeting each of my baby step goals and just continue to update my ticker. I may also occasionally post about new recipes or whatever, just not the weekly weigh-in.

~I feel like I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with my job. I began the actual training process for the billing cycle today. I've made a lot of headway on catching things up and I only have 2 weeks left. I'm so looking forward to catching my housework up, getting some projects done, doing some visiting, planning our homeschool year and having some fun!

~Today looked like it was going to be very crazy for me. I had to go into the gym to work for most of the day and I could not rearrange my schedule much. My daughter cut her foot on a rusty nail last night, so she needed a tetanus shot. It looked as if I would drive from here to my cousins to drop the kids off (12 minutes away), then from there to the gym (40 min.), back to my cousins (40 min), then to the doctor (30 min.), then home (20 min.). However, my cousin called early this morning and asked if the kids could bring clothes to spend the night, then she offered to meet me at the doctors office with my daughter. It turned out to be such an easy day. What a blessing! I worked (and got a lot done), did a little shopping (went to Ross), had supper out with my husband, then we just lounged on the couch and watched a movie.

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