Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are You a Titus 2 woman

Last night at M&M's Pastor Gretchen mentioned women mentoring other women and I recalled something that I had learned at our homeschool Mom's retreat last year. Our theme was Titus 2 and someone mentioned that at the time Titus was written the life expectancy was very low (20-40). So most of us would already be considered "older" women, by those standards.

So, the question that I began to ask myself, that maybe others should as as well is this: "Am I sitting around waiting for some more mature woman to come pour into me, because I feel so dry, or am I digging into the Word and abiding in the Lord to quench my thirst, so that I can pour into others? The gist of it is this, are most of my thoughts about me and what other people could be doing for me, or about others and what I could be doing for them?"

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cahanbury said...

This is so good. You may recall I posted once on my blog about Titus 2 women (where are they?). But in the last few months I have noticed that I am turning into one! I am a co-coord. for our MOPS group and one of the moms who has been around the longest, and suddenly I am a person to answer newer moms spiritual questions! Who knew? It is such a huge responsibility but also wonderful. I know some women have really helped me to grow and it is so important to pass it along to others!