Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Past Few Days

.....have been very emotional ones. Starting with the emotion that came with our church family praying over the mission team and their families. Then it's just been a whirlwind of emotion, thinking about missing each other, thinking about the unknown, worrying(only slightly) and wondering, and being excited, and getting prepared. Needless to say we are all a bit raw right now, but in such a good way. I could see before he even left, God at work in my husband. I have seen lessons that my children are learning as a result of their Daddy's obedience. I am so proud of him. You would have to know him as well as I do to understand how difficult this must be for him. He doesn't do change, he's a creature of habit and leaving the country for the mission field is not one of his habits. My children gave him letters that they had written and we had a sweet time of prayer before he left. We held hands and each of us prayed for his safety and the people that they will be reaching out to. It was another very emotional time for all of us.

I've done well so far. Being without him is very hard for me. This is the first time that he has been away when I didn't know when he was going to call me or even when I couldn't just pick up the phone and call him. Usually when he is gone he calls me at bedtime and we talk until we're sleepy. It may seem silly, but after 13 years I'm so thankful that we still feel this way about each other. I can think of a million cliches that would describe the way we feel, but the best explanation is that we are one. He completes me and when he is gone, I feel exposed, incomplete, unsettled. I miss him terribly already, but I am so thankful that God chose him for this, that He has been preparing him and He is going to use him. I'm so thankful that Patrick was willing to be obedient even when it was hard for him to be, and I'm thankful that he wants to be used while he's there, but also wants to glean everything that he possibly can.

Please pray for their safety and that they will reach many for the kingdom.
Thank you.

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