Monday, October 13, 2008

Mexico - Sunday

Well, it looks like we will be talking to our spouses very, very little. I did not hear from P Saturday night. A couple of wives spoke to their husbands but for only one or two minutes. Yesterday he called me around 4:30 and I missed the call. I was sick over it, but he called me back an hour later. He talked to me and the children and we were on the phone less than 10 minutes. My brother called my sister-in-law last night and they were only able to talk for 5 minutes. So far the only way that they are calling is by cell phone and only one of their cell phones work down there, so everyone is borrowing another guys phone to talk. It's hard to glean much info about what is going on when you can barely talk to anyone. What I know so far is that they had probably the most laid back day that they are going to have yesterday. They went to one church. P said that their were about 75 people there and that Britt said there were more Indians there than usual. Which is good, because that is who they are desiring to minister to the most. They were also able to go to the market a couple of times yesterday. I think some of them did a little souvenir shopping. They were able to get in bed at a somewhat decent time, but had to be up by 4:30 this morning. As I understand it they will have to be up by 4:30 every morning. They will go to 3 churches everyday and will be walking most everywhere they go. They were told to wear waterproof shoes and bring rain gear, so they will be out in the elements. They were told that their would be a phone that they could use and they could also email. I suspect that being men, none of them have asked about that yet. Hopefully someone will today. That way all of them will not be relying on one phone to contact home, although as busy as they are going to be they still probably will not be able to talk to us for very long. They will be fasting Tuesday and Thursday, some of us have discussed fasting on thosed days as well. Please pray for strength, energy and endurance for them. Pray for peace in each of their homes and especially that they would reach many and God's will would be done.

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