Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Just in case any of you have been wondering why I'm running around like a chicken with my head of lately. I thought I would share my schedule with you.

Monday - Financeal Peace Class 6:30 (for 11 more weeks)
Tuesday -2nd M&M's (our women's time of fellowship and Bible Study)
4th prepare and serve a meal for Journey (same as above for men)
Wednesday - States and Capitals class for the girls 1:00
Church 6:30 (twice a month in Little Praisers/nursery
so we need to be there by 6:00)
(We have a field trip on the 4th Wednesday of this month.)
Thursday - Co-Op 8:30 to 12:15
Dance 1:15
1st and 3rd- choir 7:00
(I try to run my errands in town on this day as well)
Friday - usually free to stay home or have a day with friends
(this month I have a meeting on the first Friday)
Saturday - usually family day or work around the house
(this month we have 4 birthdays and a wedding)
Sunday - church at 10:30
(1st Sunday at 9:15 for choir and helping in KidsQuest
3rd Sunday 10:00 coordinate in Little Praisers)
We also usually eat lunch at my mom's, so we are gone most of
the day.
Oh, and just a reminder, if we don't have anything scheduled during the day, we are schooling.

So, there is my crazy, crazy schedule. I can't complain, too much though. I surely know people who are gone more than we are. It just bothers me a little because I like to be home and keep things caught up around here and I enjoy spending time with my friends and it seems that there is barely time for either. So, if you are my friend, please don't feel neglected I still love you dearly, I'm just sooooo busy.


The Arnold Family said...

This is looking JUST like ours. Busy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. But as it turns out Friday and Saurday are never safe. And Sundays are churchy. :) Which I like.

The Arnold Family said...

BTW what a great way to spell a chicken's language! You are so...chicken.