Tuesday, September 2, 2008

FPU Overload

Well, we just completed our 3rd class of Financial Peace and to be honest, I'm not feeling so peaceful. This seems like such a daunting task. So many things that I've kind of done in my head and alone for so many years, I know have to put all on paper and try to make my husband understand the method for my madness. If any of you have done and follow the Financial Peace Plan, will you please let me know a few things:
- What you found the most difficult.
- What worked for you?
- What didn't work for you?
- Your best FPU advice.


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The Boatner Family said...

We took it last go round at Sboro campus!
Most difficult- the 2,000.00 in savings account!
What worked- paying cash for everything! It really does work because it really is not easy handing over cash like that!
Did not work- The whole not having a mortgage and car payments! Just is not something that is feasible in this time in our lives!
My advice is- I KNOW its hard to get there and do this when in your mind you are thinking I really need to be doing this or that, and a lot of the stuff "I" do not feel is something we as a family can do, but there were a lot of things that we have put into practise and are using those steps in building this house! So keep it up it will be worth it! I hope this helped!