Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Upcoming Mexico Missions Trip

Some people from our church are going on a mission trip to Mexico.

When they were announcing the trip one Sunday, I felt like the Lord said that my husband would be going. Now, you kind of have to know him, but he's never been on a mission trip before. He is very much a family man and will usually only do something if we can all do it together. He also rarely takes off of work. He doesn't get very many days off and there are only three people in his division and he is the field supervisor, so if he's gone, he gets really behind. Anyway, I still just knew he was supposed to go. We have a very good friend that P has really connected with that is heading up the trip and every time he would talk to Patrick about the trip he would say when we go to Mexico, like P was planning to go, but he still wasn't on board.

I finally told him one day what I felt the Lord had spoken to me and asked him to be praying about it. He said he would, but was very unsure, it still wasn't something he thought he was supposed to do largely because he couldn't imagine where we would come up with $1250 for the trip. Long story short, we very unexpectedly received a check for almost exactly the amount he needed. That (and a few people confirming it with him) was enough for him to realize he is supposed to go to Mexico. They will be leaving for Mexico on October the 11th and will return on the 18th. Our church is collecting money to take Spanish bibles with them, the goal is 1,000 bibles.

So, I tell you all of this to ask you to pray. Please pray for their trip, pray that we will receive enough money for the bibles and pray that everyone receives their passports on time.

Thanks and be blessed!

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