Friday, September 5, 2008

No More Choir.......

..........for now anyway.

Well, obviously my schedule has been way too full. I've been overwhelmed and deprived of much needed family and hubby time. The Lord has called us to branch out into helping with a different ministry at church and to be honest I have just had way to much on my plate. 3 times in Little Praisers a month, 1 time in Kids Quest, M&M's, meals for Journey, Financial Peace Classes, baking for Outreach and Choir with practices, along with all of our homeschool related activities, is just more than this mama can handle right now. So after much discussion with my husband and both of us praying about it, I have stepped down from choir for a season. I am also going to be trying to get more help with meals for Journey and we are patiently waiting on the Lord to send more help in Little Praisers so that we can slowly be released from there (we no longer have children in there and we know that the Lord is calling us to work with the older children and to be involved in children's outreach). Maybe after all those other things happen and Financial Peace is over I will be able to pick choir back up.

I must say that I was sad about this decision, but after it was made I felt much relief. It was so nice to be home with my family last night and to know it wouldn't be the only night this week that we were all here together.

Have a blessed day!

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