Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crazy weekend

Well, Friday was nutty after the freezer incident.
I woke up pretty early and got a few things accomplished. We had a meeting to be at by 10:00 and at 8:45 I went into the laundry room where I found that the freezer door had been left open all night. The floor was a mess and half the food was thawed. I cleaned up the floor, then went through everything in the freezer. About half of the contents had to be thrown away or cooked and re-frozen.

I was 10 minutes late for my meeting. It was a good meeting though. It was KG's reevaluation meeting for speech (for her Auditory Processing Issues). She has recently been retested and did so well that she no longer qualifies for speech. We are very excited. The only frustrating thing is having the teacher and vice-principal tell me over and over again how if I ever change my mind about homeschooling they would love to have my kids in their class. They say that every time we go there. I'm glad we don't have to go anymore.

We left the meeting and went to Wal-Mart to get a few things we were out of and some other stuff to prepare for the big cooking night to come. Right after we got there one of the kids knocked light bulbs of in the floor and broke one (very unlike my kids, don't know what would possess them to lean up against an end cap full of light bulbs). So, I had to go find an associate to let them know what happened before we could finish our shopping.

I came home and laid down for about 30 minutes, then spent the evening prepping, cooking and eating. My neighbor did come over and eat with us and we enjoyed having her.

Saturday we had to go to a birthday party for my good friends children. It was lots of fun. Just before we left my cousin called and offered to keep my children overnight so that P and I could go out for our anniversary (It was on Labor Day. We celebrated 13 years). So, getting everyone ready for that made us a little late for the birthday. When Mason got out of the pool I realized how horrible his hair looked, so we stopped at the barber before we dropped the kids off. We came home to get ready to go out to dinner and it was all we could do not to take a nap. We have decided much to our dismay that we really have become an old tired married couple. We fought the urge to take a nap and headed to town. We had sushi at I Love Sushi. Then we went to PetSmart (the dogs, for the first time ever, have fleas!!) and to Wal-Mart again.

Sunday, we got up and picked up the kids and my cousin's son and headed to church. We were in the service through worship and then headed into Kids Quest. We stayed after service to help the children's leader with his kids during a meeting. Then we headed home, had leftovers for lunch, had a budgeting meeting for FPU, cooked the last of the freezer food and had my cousins over for supper.

The freezer thing was truly a fiasco, but I kept my cool and honestly there were some positives. We got to enjoy some company while sharing our food and I did a bit of experimenting and found a good way to grill deer tenderloin and cooked duck for the first time. Everything turned out really well, but it definitely made for a crazy weekend and I am surely tired.

I hope you all had a great weekend as well, be blessed this week!

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Laurie said...

First, Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Second, sorry to hear about the freezer incident..but glad you caught it before all of it was thawed. I more popsicles! :)

Have a great day!