Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Downgraded Television

Well, we downgraded our dish programming today. My reasons are somewhat different than my hubby's. We both (thanks to Dave Ramsey) want to save money, so that's why he agreed to this. It was hard for him because he is a huge NASCAR fan and will miss seeing some of his races. Although, I suspect we'll just stay at my mom's a little longer on those Sundays. I have felt for some time that the television was stealing our time (more like we were giving it away freely). So, I'm a little bummed because of course we lost almost every channel that I watch (there were only about 3 or 4), but we did cut our bill in half. The kids still have some channels they like. They don't watch too much TV, but this will lessen it even more and the channels they are left with work for me: Hallmark, Discovery kids, TBN (for Christian children's programming), kidtunes, TVLand and a few Nickelodeons. Thy watch Hallmark more than anything else because it shows Little House on the Prairie. I guess I said all that to say I'm a little sad to see it go, but I pray that we will accomplish more around the house as a result and spend more quality time together as a family and with the Lord. Who knows maybe this will eventually lead to getting rid of cable all together.

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