Monday, February 15, 2010


It seems there need to be A LOT of changes going on around here. Changes in attitudes, behaviors, organization, time management, homeschooling, working, you name it. It also seems that there is not one of us in this house that doesn't need to be working on some of those things, especially me.

We've realized that we've let some things go with the kids, especially the youngest one, that we must get a handle on. Now don't get me wrong, we have AMAZING children, most people that know us would have no idea what needs tweaking, but God has revealed some things to us. The girls are usually pretty easy to bring around. They are older and really want to please the Lord (and us), so usually a conversation about the issue, what they should be doing differently and the potential consequence of not changing the behavior is enough to at least get them to work on it. My son, not so much, he's all boy and he's VERY busy and he thinks EVERYTHING is funny and we have really dropped the ball on a lot of things with him. Hubby and I plan to read (just as a refresher and to make sure we're on the same page) Kevin Lehman's book titled "Have A New Kid By Friday".

I am planning to re-read either The Excellent Wife or Created To Be His Helpmeet or both.

As far as Homeschooling goes. Things are mostly good. One daughter is finally caught up, the other is well on her way. The boy (as my husband often jokingly calls him) is a bit behind, but only for lack of attention span. Most of the revamping will be in his schooling. He's gonna need a lot more fun and a lot less workbook. I've also got to find more time to spend with all of them on their schooling, so the girls are not always having to do theirs alone and not always having to help Mason with his.

Work is improving, I still have a ways to go, but I am getting caught up. I plan to sit down tomorrow to try to figure out what else needs to be done to get me caught up and how long it might take that to happen. I then need to create some checklists to make sure that I don't overlook anything on my work days. It's hard to stay on top of all of it with all of life's distractions, so a checklist would be very helpful. I also plan to work on getting to the point that I'm only working 12-15 hours per week and getting all of those in two days, so I would have 5 days a week with no working. That would be FABULOUS!

I'm gonna try to get together a working schedule (or what I like to call order of events). We just seem so much more productive when we have one to go by. I also cooked some ground beef and put it in the freezer tonight. I'm planning on getting some more things like that done this week. I used to do a two week menu and go grocery shopping every two weeks. I also used to have a standing weekly plan for breakfast and lunch. I have got to get back to some of those things.

We've also got a lot of household projects to undertake in the near future. Gotta make a list of those, prioritize them and start pricing out the supplies.

So, to recap, things have gone a little wonky around here. My crazy work schedule, the added work of a new ministry, a ridiculous amount of illnesses, a complete lack of organization and time management have gotten us here and I have had ENOUGH! So here I go on a trek to get things here better than normal. I'll let you know how it goes!

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