Monday, February 22, 2010

Kool Aid Alternative

My kids love kool-aid, but I don't it's full of dyes, artificial stuff and sugar, YUCK! They also don't particularly like to drink water. One of my friends gave me this idea, although I do it a bit differntly than she does. Buy the canned frozen fruit juice concentrate, completely ignore the directions, put the juice in a gallon sized container and fill up with water. I then add a bit of Stevia (you could add whatever sweetener you prefer) for a little extra sweetness. It sort of tastes like fruit flavored water, I love it and so do the kids. It saves money because they're not drinking juice like crazy and it helps all of us with our daily water intake. So far I've used Passion Fruit (this was my friends recommendation, I use a bit more water than she does) and today I tried Pinapple, Orange, Apple juice. I plan to try it with other juices as well. It's been a HUGE hit around here. I'm pretty sure this will be a new staple for our household.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm currently trying to regain good health. I'm 19 and went though some malnourishment as a kid. My household drinks alot of juice, but at times we fall behind om drinking water. The costs of healthy juice can be quite high.

Due to coming across your post, I think I'll try this out :) I believe it'll help my family +I actually drink water haha. God bless you.