Saturday, February 13, 2010

Diaper Bags I Have Made

I'm trying to catch up on posting sewing pictures. I've made 4 diaper bags. The one below was my first. There is another one in another post (you can click on the sewing and embroidery label to see it). I also made one that I don't have a pic of. Someone else picked out the fabric and asked me to make it, so I was on a deadline and forgot to take the pic. The one below I made for my sweet niece who is now 1 and I used my old machine, which is why the embroidery is so small. This one is one of my favorites. I made it for my cousins little boy. I thought it turned out really cute, kind of looks beachy to me, too.


Leslie said...

Those are so cute! You are really talented!!! I wish I was crafty like that!

April Charles said...

the diaper bags are so cute!!!! are you selling them?

squeeli2 said...


I have not sold any. I did make one for a friend to give to her sister, but she wanted to use some fabrick her sister had picked. It was very expensive and I just couldn't bring myself to charge her after that. I would sell one if someone wanted me to make them one. I just would have to have plenty of notice. They're actually fun to do.